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Stand in Awe of The LORD — 3 Comments

  1. Thank You My Sister for this Timely Word of Assurance from the Lord! Truly HE is Moving with Great Manifestation in This Hour like Never Before and I SO Receive IT in this Season and I’m This Hour. ☝

  2. I pray Debra, that our God and Father Blesses (Abundantly) your beautiful feet for delivering such Good News. I’ve spent years in the fiery furnace and have walked through much together with Him. I’ve felt the loneliness, like Abram must have felt when being led blind. I’m excited for the name change He’s planned for me and all who’ve been walking in the Wilderness. The accuser and those held captive to do his will have been relentless and cruel, may God have Mercy on them in they’re Day as He did for me.
    God Bless your beautiful heart Debra, thank you for your obedience to His Call. His Word through you has greatly encouraged me time and time again.
    Merry Christmas!!

  3. Praise GOD, such a needed affirmation of the instruction GOD clearly showed me today, not through anyone. Praise you GOD for directly speaking to me on what you want me to do and for calling me obedient. Am waiting on you LORD to provide me the raw materials I need to obey you. Am eager to move as I get it. Amen.

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