Stop Comparing Yourself!


Holy Spirit Training

Prophet!  The Holy Spirit says, “You don’t have to struggle to be like anyone, for I’ve not made you all to flow the same.

Your gifts and graces are according to MY WILL, as I SEE FIT, not as you have required.

Covet the best gifts I say, that would edify My Body, not that you would parade and compete.

For without Me they are contaminated and of no use; as they would not glorify Me.

Child, KNOW WHO YOU ARE IN ME and My purpose, the hope of My calling. How will this happen you ask?

By our times together it will be revealed to you and I will confirm by the mouth of two or three witnesses.

For who you are is already written and established in heaven My child.

I’ve fashioned you and I already foreknew you and predestined you.

I set you apart to do My will, it is well with you.  When you go to speak do not worry what to say for as you open your mouth I will fit it.

Only eat of My Word which is life to you.

You will speak as I command, for I bless and I curse and none shall withstand it.

You are a prophet , where I send you there shall you go and do not be afraid for I A< with you.”


~ Syreeta Thomas

Syreeta ThomasSyreeta Thomas



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