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Surrendered Hearts and Suddenlies — 8 Comments

    • Pam. You are so very welcome. It is good to have confirmation and celebrate His everlasting GOODNESS. Thank you for your kind words of affirmation to me.  Blessings, Sandi Holman

  1. Sister Sandi,
    What an encouraging and uplifting Word of the Lord!! Praise Jesus, I receive it!
    I trust You, Jesus. I choose, as and act of my free will… To trust YOU. Have faith in YOU. No mere mortal man, whose empty promises litter my doorstep!
    Hallelujah, my God is good!!

    • Good morning Lisa, Thanks for stopping by to give your input on your surrendered heart to Jesus. How it warms my heart also when I encounter His goodness moment by moment. Be blessed as you trust Him in faith believing, Sandi Holman

  2. Amen, Sandi! This is powerful for us to grasp each line the Lord spoke.
    Loved:”Yes, Just as many have prophesied of the many SUDDENLIES of disasters and judgments on the horizons, I say to you, be assured, it will be a good time and a bad time.”
    The Lord always gives balance to keep our eyes fixed only on Him! We go down without His reassurance of His great plan and purpose in the midst of everything good and bad around us! I love you sister. ❤️

    • So grateful, dear Joyce for your wisdom and thoughts on the need for balance. Thank you for your input that presents the Father in such a loving way. Love you, my sister, Sandi

  3. Sandi thank you for obedience to post this word that confirms what the Lord is doing with the suddenlies. Friday night Sept 22nd when I went to bed I was in the presence of the Lord and I began to weep and weep but it was a weeping of joy as I sensed the Lord was removing a terrible force from the enemy that came to me for almost a year. When I read the post “Suddenly” from Mr. Andrew Farley what came to my mind is the same that you posted here that it will be suddenlies for judgments and also deliverance and freedom for his children.  I believe He is giving us strenght and equipping us with endurance for the next step for I am experiencing that now. (Isaiah 40:31).  I hope many people are being blessed in the same way for He is not a respecter of persons. He loves us all!!! Thanks again and many blessings to you and loved ones.

    • Dear NF, I really appreciate your confirmation. It is my experience over the years walking with Jesus that He is JUST in all His ways. Therefore, He brings justice and He judges..meaning He judges evil and blesses good. So His SUDDENLY is not just to leave us high and dry but to confirm HIS character to the world and to HIS people. That HE is truly LOVE. HIS LOVE is demonstrated in every act. HIS LOVE will be demonstrated to us daily, moment by moment but we must embrace it with all of our hearts. Even in our seasons of what we misunderstood (like the winter when the trees shed their leaves and seem barren). I have learned to embrace that time as an opportunity to cuddle up in HIS arms of love and receive depth of understanding and new insights that are coming in the spring time. Meditate on Psalms 1 sometime. Many blessings and love to you for your transparent loving heart, Sandi

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