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  1. I just opened my Bible to Isaiah 47, “The Fall of Babylon”, right before I read your post.
    I’ve noticed alot in your posts that He speaks much about His Power as the Awe Inspiring Warrior, those who persecute have failed already, have not succeeded but are being completely exposed and humiliated. This word has been released lately more than any other I’ve heard.
    He’s been giving me over-the-top signs of the beginning of this now happening. Many will be those slain by the Lord…..I know I was. It’s been the hardest trials of my life….and it’s been a very hard life.
    I pray for these souls doing these very cruel things to me and to others. It will not be good for them. I pray they be given the Grace to endure it and rise up from the ashes their choices have produced….just like the Grace He’s given me to do the same….
    God bless you beautiful lady!!
    Thank you again. :)

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