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  1. This is an amazing teaching and the timing couldn’t be more profound.  I have always enjoyed Derek Prince, but these days I have shied away from teachings that were written in the past.  Because I prefer being taught directly from the Lord and in present time.  However, I have to admit that this message is amazing.

    For more than a few years now, the Lord has been revealing to me destiny promises.  But He didn’t do it all at one time.  He gave it to me in bits and pieces.  In sizes that I could stretch and hold on to.  Within the last twenty-four hours the Lord has given me the final piece of the promise.  The promise is so vast and so large that my imagination was not able to contain it until now. 

    But with each promise and each acceptance of the promise — then comes the pressure, the weight of the promise.  The pressure has crushed me beyond the place where I can survive it.  It is only the Lord Who holds me up right now.  Without Him, the weight of the promise would have killed me by now.  I believe this is the position that the Lord wants us in; it is the position well past our abilities.

    Thanks for posting such a timely word.

    • God Bless You Dennis,
      and may you groe in the Lord.
      It is encouraging to hear that the Lord
      now rises up His true sons and daughters!

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