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The 7th Seal Opened — 4 Comments

  1. Oh MY GOD! Thank you forRevealing your word to your Servants and thank you for your protection and provision and the Blood covering for the righteous!!

  2. My dear sister this is praise God for His accuracy through you in an undefiled stream of prophetic flow through your belly as livinh waters GLORY TO GO MOST HIGH FOR YOU!
    A few days ago God said unleash the beast and explained the antichrist and false prophet are alive and here starting to rise to their positions… glory to God for making us to be counted worthy to escape all to come, for blessing us with full lamps of oil, wicks trimmed and garments without spot wrinkle or blemish. Glory and thanksgiving offerings are sweet incense to the Father for He alone is worthy of all glory, i confess Jesus Christ came to earth as a man in the flesh, He is the Son of God and is God!
    Love your sister on Christ
    Autumn (season of harvest)

  3. We bless you LORD our GOD who is one, for this word you’ve given us. May it not be in vain as it has been given us for preparation. We ask for your grace and mighty provision that we may be saved. Amen

  4. Wow, I had no idea we were already in the 6th seal. Do you percieve this happening soon like next month?