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    By YOU all things were created
    And apart from You came nothing at all
    On the seventh day You looked down from Heaven
    At the splendor the shade and the fall
    You even came once and for all time
    To restore what was lost to sin
    Then You hid Yourself and You waited
    For a heart that would seek You within
    For though You have all Power and Treasure
    And everything that exists belongs to You
    There is still a longing in Your Heart
    For one who would be true
    For a moon who would reflect Your Light
    And desire You night and day
    One who would not put anything You made
    Ahead of You in any way
    For You indeed are a jealous God
    And Your bride is so jealous too
    Her heart and mind burns eternally
    Burns eternally just for You

  2. Thank you Veronika for this, it’s spot on. 
    Christian’s have forgotten that the enemy works behind the scenes and those who discern spiritual stuff know this. 
    We need to stop looking at things in the flesh. 
    Demons are the spiritual rats that live on sins of the flesh.  That’s why we need to repent so God can deal with them head on. 
    Nothing is impossible to God and Jesus can sort any situation but we have to humble ourselves and come to him and trust him to sort the problem out and believe me he does.
    The Holy Spirit is wonderful to watch, you just marvel at the miracles he does in people’s lives.
    An old song, trust and obey for theirs no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey, and that’s what we need to do.
    Humble ourselves, say sorry to God for the things we do wrong and pray and ask Jesus to sort the problems out in our lives and sit back and watch the Holy Spirit work.


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