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The Beekeeper — Divine Restoration in 2024 — and Beyond — 4 Comments

  1. Last January the Lord gave me a vision of a large be coming towards my heart, as if to enter my heart! I did not understand what it meant, but now I think I do! Thank you for the word

  2. Powerful Word woman of God! I’m drawn to Judges 14:8,9 – and how God can not only nourish us in a “dead’ place, but even as Samson violated Nazarite “law” (touching carcass) God empowered him anyway – for HIs divine purpose. Judges 14:19 – I gotta praise Him right there for His presence even when don’t get it ALL right – who does? Grace – yes! found even in the OT. Bless His High Name!

  3. I decree God will restore what the locusts have eaten through my life in Jesus’ powerful name. Really thanks.♡

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