America: on the Brink of Destruction


This evening as I set praying, I heard the Lord speak this word:

“I AM calling many people out from the BRINK* OF DESTRUCTION.

Dangerous and precarious days loom before America and many are walking close to the Edge.

Extreme circumstance will produce marvelous grace.  Grace to exceed the extreme.  Sufficient grace to pull them back.  Those who are now not called Mine will suddenly see.

Understanding will come at the brink, just in time.  I move to snatch them out to safety.

Their Extremity is working my opportunity.  For the FIRST TIME EVER they will CONSIDER ME.  Reality and Clarity of Sight will open closed minds, bringing many to their knees.  Conviction will rule the day and where there is no conviction, I AM.”

* * * * *

I have posted this word in Obedience to my Lord.  Lord have great Grace upon those who are walking dangerously close to destruction, bringing in many to safety and eternal salvation.

* [dictionary definition of BRINK = the edge, especially at the top of a steep place.  On the Brink of a raging river]


~ Desert Prophet Ken Dewey

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America: on the Brink of Destruction — 2 Comments

  1. Glorious times!

    “I have been inquired of by those who asked not, I have been found by those who sought Me not Isaiah 65:1