The Clash of Two Kingdoms in this Next Election

The Clash of Two Kingdoms in this Next Election
I Will Expose the Root and the Fruit!


The Wheat And Tares

“Another parable He set forth before them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field.  But while he was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed also darnel (weeds resembling wheat) among the wheat, and went on his way.  So when the plants sprouted and formed grain, the darnel (weeds) appeared also.  And the servants of the owner came to him and said, Sir, did you not sow good seed in your field?  Then how does it have darnel shoots in it?
He replied to them, An enemy has done this.  The servants said to him, Then do you want us to go and weed them out?  But he said, No, lest in gathering the wild wheat (weeds resembling wheat), you root up the [true] wheat along with it.  Let them grow together until the harvest; and at harvest time I will say to the reapers, Gather the darnel first and bind it in bundles to be burned, but gather the wheat into my granary”
  Matthew 13:24-30 (AMP).

There Is A Clash Coming

I heard the Lord this morning say to me that, “There is a CLASH coming!”

This was confirmed to me tonight at our live streaming prayer and bible study time.  The Lord spoke to me and said that,  “There is a CLASH coming that will bring the separation not only of a the saint/sinner but this is at a deeper level and it is in the church!”  He said that, “In this next presidential election that there would be a dividing of the religious and those that had relationship with the Lord.”  He said, “My true Church will emerge out of the “clash of kingdoms.”  She will arise out of that which is profane and become a pure bride without spot or wrinkle..”

Two Trees To Choose From

What Wade was speaking of tonight was, the two trees in the Garden.  The tree of the knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life.

This confirmed what the Lord had said to me, because all people are either eating of one tree or the other, but through the religious system of our day, we can’t tell if we are eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil or the tree of life.

Many who think they are eating of the tree of life are not, and do not even know it!  We are living in a day as he spoke of tonight, where we call evil good and good evil…

We have no clarity at all because when we eat of the tree of the knowledge of good, it can look just the same as the tree of life, but there are a couple of differences…. the root and the fruit!

Will The Real Church Please Stand Up

I saw a write-up on a particular famous person who was a “Nondenominational Christian” the other day and they were saying that this person wasn’t a “real Christian” because he speaks in tongues and doesn’t belong to a “real church.”

This is how far the modern day church has come!  The early church found it very necessary to be filled with the spirit and speak with other tongues, but we have chosen in our day to become “User Friendly” and do things “our way” instead of God’s and yet believe that we are in God’s will.

In fact, this constitutes in God’s eyes as making ourselves gods, instead of making Him God.

Whose Way Is It Going To Be?

This is exactly why Adam and Eve fell.  They did it their own way as Wade talked about tonight instead of His.

Here is the thing, this is so intermingled in the Church right now that God is going to bring a dividing of the wheat and tares, because we do not know who the tares are anymore.

The tares have weakened down the Church so much that it has no power to even do miracles,signs,and wonders….  but it is about to!  This is happening so that the Glory will shine forth from His Church!

“Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Whoever has ears, let them hear”   Matthew 13:43 (NIV).

The Next Election (In America)

The Lord is saying that,

“In this next presidential election He is about to raise up one who will walk with God…

They will not compromise and they will show forth what happens when one truly walks with God and the overflow comes out of them!  They will be one, like unto My son Jesus, and will shine a light on they that only have a form of godliness.

This will bring about a clash of kingdoms and I will expose the lie and men and women will then have to make a clear cut choice as to whether they want to eat of the tree of life or the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for I am going to expose the root of every tree!

Then it will come to pass that you will arise and shine with my Glory and power will be in my true church once again and the latter house will be greater than that of the former and my people will become a sanctuary for many to run under in the days of great darkness ahead!”

This is not a time for fearing that which you see coming upon the earth but it is a time to “Stay alert, stand firm in the faith, show courage, be strong….”   1 Corinthians 16:13 (NET).


~ by Jo Ellen Stevens
Arise Shine!

Jo Ellen Stevens imageJo Ellen Stevens of TCIC Ministries is a Prophetic speaker, author, worshiper and intercessor. She has ministered with her husband for 23 years and was a worship leader at the Assembly of God for many years. She is an ordained minister (Restoration Ministries) and works with Restoration Ministries in their Ministry Rooms doing prophetic worship with her husband. She has taught many bible studies and have led many intercessory prayer groups.

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