They wanted More!


In the early days here, there were those who had various kinds of spiritual journeys; they were in all sorts of what we then called denominational churches.  So many, had accepted Jesus Christ in the way they were told and taught; they wanted their lives changed and wanted to have Him in their lives. In the beginning, we were not so harsh to these people; we gave appreciation, for “walking in all the light they knew.”

But as many began to read and study God’s word and the events and ways of the early church, there began this hunger.  There was no denying what was written in the Book of Acts; and many wanted the same experiences for themselves.  They sought for it.  However, churches had all kinds of laws, rules and regulations, that were enforced or expected at that time; very much the same as we see today.  Perhaps, those in authority, were satisfied with their experience; they saw no need to seek for anything more.

People wanted more expression, more freedom and more of what they had seen written in the NT.  But, you could not do that in most places they had found themselves in.  So, with hungry hearts, they went searching for some place where they could.  They wanted the signs that Jesus said followed the believers; the baptism of the Holy Ghost and fire and all the gifts of the Spirit.  They wanted it all.  And many found what they had been looking for, and they never looked back.  They were often labeled as fanatics and were even shunned and disliked by their previous peers; and their families.

Fast forward to the end of the 60’s, beginning of the 70’s.  There came a new sweep of the Holy Ghost across the entire land.  People received the baptism of the Spirit, in likely every Christian church we had here; literally, every type of Pentecostal one might think of.  Needless to say, their church did not want that kind of outbreak among them and were for the most part, told; give it up or leave.  Their hunger for more, resulted in one of the most intense leave-taking, ever known here.  But as we know, they were also not accepted in many mainstream holiness type churches, because they did not see the need for all of these laws anymore; they didn’t fit in with many.

Many of us, still want more today.  That desire, even among those who said they were full believers, caused separation and distrust and the same kind of moves came to stop such seeking and performance.  The truth is, those who seek more, for the right reasons, are going to get more.  Now again, many find themselves in the same situation the above folk were in.  What was shallow, is fading; that which was too much of men, becomes even more so.

It appears, that wanting more of the Spirit and the genuine and true manifestation of the fullness of Christ’s church, continues to cause all of these, to seek a place, where this fullness can operate freely.  The desire for more today, says, I want it, even if I have to go to the streets, to use it.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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