The Day Of The Stranger


“Neither shouldest thou have rejoiced in the day of their destruction,”   Obadiah 1:12.

God cares about our attitude.  One would think, that after all He has done for us, we might be a bit less decided in other people’s affairs.  There is a comment I used to make, that may sound a little off-centered, when applying it to our God.  He can seem strange in some of His actions, and how He goes about His business. His ways, are often not our ways; at all.

Separated. I spoke with someone this evening about some of the things we may have missed, in our religious upbringing.  It likely appeared that although we proclaimed the Bible to be the absolute word of God, we yet lacked understanding.

There is no doubt that we preached that every word was from Him, and we dare not change it; not one tittle.  So, we strove not to add to or take away from that.  However, there were some things we did not believe…..

It was years before a verse was given to me, that changed my way of thinking.  It said that if we rejoiced in seeing someone fall, or lose the blessings of God.  He would reverse the event.

The more we talked about those people and self-righteously declared that they got what was coming to them, our God, had a change of heart.  He would turn around His judgment, and bless them, even as they were.

You see, He’s always been serious, about us praying for others.  Often, because we did not pray for them, things changed.

There was no reason why those who fell from our graces should have been treated as strangers.  With a much desired humbleness of heart, I can declare, that Jesus never left me.

There’s an old song we used to sing, “He was there, all the time.”  In speaking with someone close to me, I made a statement that I have come to know in my latter journey.  Oh God, if I had really known that and understood it, it could have spared me, much heartache and grief.

It’s not the first time, that His children rejoiced over the destruction of their brothers and sisters.  In our hour today, it’s never seemed more clear, why our LORD talked so much about loving the way He loved.

There is another scripture that I heard spoken recently.  It was something about, a New commandment.  I walk cautiously here, but whether it is our spiritual brothers, or our very own flesh and blood, they should never wonder if we honestly loved them.  Not even if they failed our expectations; even overcoming in fault.

Only real experience, first-hand information, could tell you who came to your door when you strayed.  Only those folk would know just how many phone calls they received.

No one else, could describe how they felt, when their former brothers and sisters, passed them on the street.  Love, does not have a condescending spirit.  It’s true, that there are some things that God hates; but that is not our own privilege.  Particularly, since we were born in sin; without hope.

Sadly put, I’ve seen too many souls die, feeling that no one loved them; not even God.

Countering some people’s beliefs and actions, even though they may be estranged to us, they are not estranged to Jesus Christ.  God cares about strangers, He always did.  And so did His only Son.

There is another verse, that says something most of us didn’t give real depth to.  It simply says, that those who have been forgiven much, love much.  It is our calling, to reach out once again. If we’ve been praying, our spirits, just might have changed.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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