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The Expiration Date on Troubles — 11 Comments

  1. GLORY HALLELUJAH TO THE LAMB OF GOD! Father I Receive These powerful words from Heaven! THANK YOU FOR THE EXTRAORDINARY NOW IN JESUS’ NAME!!!!!☝❣️

  2. Incredible!! I’d just finished asking the Lord if He could please deliver me now?! And then I read this post immediately after…….coincidence? No, it’s not. I receive it with Eternal Gratitude Abba Father!!
    God bless your beautiful heart sister Deborah!!

  3. All my trials Lord soon be over

    So I’ve been in this long trial, and happy to see this encouraging article.

    My mom & aunt Janie used to play guitar and sing 500 miles together ( btw Rosanne Cash does a great version ). And I proceeded to learn it on my ukulele. However, I had forgotten that they used to end the song with “All my trials, Lord, soon be over”. The Father reminded me one day and I began to include that ending. It was a much needed comfort and encouragement.

    • This is very strange….. many years I haven’t heard that song nor did I sing it along with the musician on the loudspeaker. Just 4 or 5 days ago I had on my heart to listen to the beautiful rendition of 500 miles from the young Joan Baez.
      Now to Deborah’s article: Always right on time and the right choice of Holy Scriptures. I dearly love Isaiah chapter 61. And thank you for the reminder in red colour. Blessings to all who longingly wait for the LORD.

  4. Oh LORD .Yes Lord. JESUS You reign Forevermore.HALLELUYAH !

    JESUS Your words give my hope, Lord, and I wait patiently for You. I prepare myself for you Lord.

  5. I receive this prophecy from the LORD, and pray that the expiration date for my trials be soon in the name Yahushua ha’mashiach Amein. Thank you for sharing sister Deborah, God bless you!

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