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  1. I wish someone would have listened to me too. I am 27, I come from a family of Nazi and long line of Powerful Masonic witchcraft bloodlines. Something I hate with all my heart, but I have suffered even now, homeless and thrown in jail by my parents for the first time being there, at the hands of Many “Occult” Free Mason Groups, that work and operate under Shadow Government Guidelines (9/11)

    If people would understand that just as 911 was planned, that there is indeed a great deception amongst the Churches, one which springs its roots from within its own confinements, one which I have fallen victim to with no manner of escape, other than to endure. That great Deception that is also eating away our federal Government is the Masonic Agenda. The Free Masons, are the Prophets of Baal, the same who killed JFK for speaking against such occult groups, the same who planned and executed 911, the same who are Busy running the New World Order, the Same who are maneuvering the American people like Sheep from left to right. These are Enemies of God, hated by the Most High God! but we seem to Accept them, we seem to Embrace them, as a Church, as a Society, we like the Little Triangle and to say Illuminati. but Truthfully as the Bible says fear not man who can kill the body but fear God who can kill Body and Soul in hell! We should have abolished the Pagans of Free Masonry way ago from our Streets, from our pulpits!

    Its now the TIME to pay! but the same hand that dealt the sin, is the same hand that is dealing the punishment, for we are highly deceived! Just as the Spirit of Baal is of the Antichrist so it was that the Holy Spirit in Prophet Elijah confronted these demonic Legions, and was commanded by God to execute his mighty power of Judgment to display that The Most High God is the Only Living God.

    I know that most of my replies get deleted, I am not liked around here, but you know something, I for ones wish I could escape this hell, I for ones wish I could get my treatment for my Lyme Disease and not have to be abused by those I love, having no money, no car, no friends to escape. Its sad that not many realize the truth of Ritual Satanic Abuse, yet I am still victim to it, with no end in sight. But is even sadder that AMERICA has done this all to it self! the NEW WORLD ORDER IS IN EFFECT! our Government knew this would come! but we the people allowed it! now we must suffer the SEVERE Consequences. I wish I could preach to Israel, I wish my testimony of the Lord and his power to save me would be heard in Israel through me, to bring Jesus Christ Glory, I would cry the tears of God of Compassion and Joy if I could, but the enemy knows who are the important ones and who are not, so he tries his hardest to block the “Generals” in God’s army from achieving their goal, but is almost impossible to escape this nightmare when is MEN working with the DEVIL to make sure escape is not a reality.

    Welcome to the New World Order! Welcome to One God, One Language, ONE Spirit, which is the Spirit of Error, Spirit of Deception, Spirit of the Antichrist! Be aware that the man of Perdition is coming! but he is still bounded! May God give me strength for I see the Churches and he is about to REMOVE their LAMP Stand!

    I am one of the Last Few Engelhardts, not that Titles or Pedigrees mean anything, but my story and testimony are true, the mental Control is true and real, but so is the saving power that keeps me alive, and that is Jesus Christ BLOOD! I am Judeo German, and Palestinian Christian Arab, born in Honduras from a Mother with a Nazi Father.

    Don’t accept a NEW Holy Spirit! NEVER!! that is the great deception! a NEW SPIRIT with new Teachings! with new Wineskins! Remember! we are made a New Wine Skin when we Confess and Believe in our Hearts that Jesus Christ is Lord! To deceive even the Elect!

    I am sorry. Just as my brother sits in the United Nations as a Lawyer and in the Geneva Convention in Switzerland so it remains true that I am a New World Order puppet against my will. I have no money, no car, but I know I am fulfilling the Gospel to the max, not for a higher place or reward, but because Jesus Christ is worthy of it all!
    I walked from Jail last night almost 14 miles or more… I have being up for 32 hours. Sorry just wanted to express the Voice of the Prophet that is never heard at all.

    I wish I could leave, heal, and be whole, but I surely live in the City where the Synagogue of Satan is, and I see no escape. North Carolina and Colorado are under a HUGE Curse. Too many sacrifices says God.

    Please pray for me, that I find a way out of this place where God can heal me! I wanna serve him, but just as my aunt was Stabbed to death 32 times in 2013, I fear too I may be next for speaking against the Evil of my family. May the Lord of Hosts Bless Israel, and may his Seed Cary on, and the Gospel be heard, wish the Lord would prepare me for such feat.

    • Dear Erik,
      Thanks for your comment and support of Israel.
      Contrary to what you think, we are not against you!.  It is just that often your comment are not really on topic – as well as being a trifle long.  As a result, yours views and comment, no matter how will written and presented, sadly cannot be used.
      May we humbly suggest that instead of commenting to our posts, that you consider starting your own blog (e.g. a free one at WordPress.Com), and like we do with OmegaTimes which is withing your area of comment, and we’ll be happy to link up to you!
      If there is anything we can do ho help, pleased do drop us a line directly and we’ll surely reply.
      Blessings in Christ,

  2. Dear Brian,
    Thanks for your comment to HKP.  Unfortunately the author of this article is not available to reply, so please let me.
    I understand your wishes for your country, but unless the USA repents of its condoning of abortion, homosexuality and humanism in the land, then if must suffer the wrath of the Lord as He lifts His hand of protection from it.  I believe the Lord has given adequate warning of this to the people, through His prophets.
    The only way out seems to be national repenting, but sadly that seems a far off hope at the moment as the government executive seems to be staunchly anti-Christian and even in the church few are standing for the Lord and willing to give their freedom and lives for the sake of the Kingdom.
    It seems that the Church has not yet recognised that this is a spiritual battle which must be fought with spiritual weapons – the primary of which are Christians fully submitted in prayer and travail to the Lord for the land and for the people.
    Unless the prayers of the Christians break down and remove the demonic powers and principalities which govern the USA and rise to take their place as the preeminent spiritual authority of the land, then as far as I can see, the demise of the USA in its present form, is almost certainly guaranteed.  Pastor/Rabbi Jonathan Cahn talks and writes eloquently on this as I am sure you have seen, heard and read.
    I humbly suggest that your understanding of the coming Caliphate is in error and would recommend you subscribe to Walid Shoebat’s daily news letter and articles which clearly differ from your views, but are based on the Old Testament scriptures.  See: http://shoebat.com/
    Regarding the rapture, if there is such a thing, then it is certainly post-tribulation as the scripture clearly indicates.  It is my sincerely held belief that the enemy has driven the misguided concept that the church will be raptured early.  This unbiblical idea has the strategic advantage for satan of a church which is totally unprepared for the coming tribulation and persecution and which will therefore, offer him no resistance when the time comes.  Church history in Japan and China show how he has used this ploy before to great effect to wipe out the church.
    Regarding the teaching of the Word to all the earth, again I believe that if you investigate the situation in the far east, China, Indonesia and moving into India, you will find that the gospel is now returning to Zion.  All these countries are preparing to take the Gospel to the middle east, who will then convert, to bring Israel to jealousy (Romans 11:11).

    Again, thanks for your comment.
    Blessings in Christ,

  3. America will not fall,and if it does it will not happen until after the rapture of the Church,because God has ordained and established this nation from the beginning of time to spread the gospel to the whole world,and during this dispensation now men spread the gospel,if The United States of America would fall before the rapture the gospel would not be preached to the far corners of the earth,even though there is much sin,God WILL NOT ALLOW THIS NATION TO FALL,NOT BY RUSSIA NOT BY CHINA,NOT BY IRAN AND CERTAINLY NOT BY THE WICKED AND EVIL ISLAMIC Caliphate,THIS NATION;THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WILL STAND AS LONG AS THERE IS A GOSPEL TO BE PREACHED THROUGHOUT THE WORLD,I ALMIGHTY GOD HAVE LEFT A HOLY remnant(1 Kings 19:18) AND FOR BECAUSE I WILL PRESERVE THIS REMNANT I WILL NOT ALLOW ANY NATION OR GROUP OF NATIONS TO PREVENT THE GOSPEL FROM BEING SPREAD THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE WORLD AND THEN I WILL BRING FORTH THE RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH AND CALL MY FAMILY HOME

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