The Father Says Today – June 2016

Republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry. SUBSCRIBE to: ”The Father Says Today.”

30 June 2016.   The Father says today that a new, great awakening is coming.  Do not be distracted by events around you either on the world scene or in your personal life.  The enemy is the great distractor.  If he can get your eyes off the harvest he can marginalize your testimony.  Fix your attention upon who I am and what I am doing in your life.  A great awakening is coming once again into the earth.  My overture of invitation is for you to come and be a first partaker of that which I AM about to do.  My invitation to you is to be a door keeper opening the way to others who are longing and crying out for who I died to be in their lives.  A great awakening is coming into the earth and it is your portion to be a part and to be a participator.

Whole cities will come to the foot of the cross.  Mayors and city councilmen will weep in repentance on the steps of city hall.  Judges will take off the robes of their service and bow their heads before the Judge of the whole earth.  Where there has been hate and bitterness and opinion there will be brotherhood and sacrificial love.  There will be gatherings so large and so quickly that no existing venue will be able to hold the crowds.  The spontaneity of My outpouring will be swift and overwhelming.  Police forces will respond with riot gear and tear gas only to arrive and witness My glory as bitter enemies embrace each other in the streets that once ran red with the blood of conflict.  Change is at hand says the Father.  I AM bringing about a new thing in the earth.  Make ready for you are ordained to have a part and a portion as you fulfill the calling I have placed upon your life.

29 June 2016.   The Father says today that I AM moving you from visitation to habitation.  The moving of My Spirit that you have experienced from time to time is going to become an abiding presence in your heart and life.  Moving through your day will be like wading through deep waters for the weight of My glory will surround you in a tangible way.  As you have seen through a glass darkly looking into the things of the Spirit I will now cause you to see clearly.  There will be times that you will not know whether you are in the spirit or in the body for I will enrapture you with a concentration of My glory that has only been hinted at in the histories of men.  This is a new day says the Father.  I AM moving to bring about an “in Christ” experience that will establish in you forever the reality of abiding in Me and knowing that in Me you live, move and have your being.

Press in says the Father.  Come out of the shallows of casual religion.  Let the kingdom be taken by force in your life.  Reject the tepid spirit of the day.  Embrace the refining fire that I am bringing into your life and allow Me to burn off the dross and that which serves no higher purpose.  Set aside the distractions of natural things.  Know that when the need arises I will cause the mist of My faithfulness to bring every answer and every solution you have need of.  Stay before Me in prayer.  Keep your expectations on Me.  The shift has come.  I invite you to become a first partaker.  This is the overture of heaven extended to you this day.  You asked for it.  You longed for it.  You cried out for more of Me and more of My Spirit and I have come to redeemed the purchased possession which you are oh My beloved!

28 June 2016.   The Father says today see yourself as I see you this day.  You are spiritually located with Christ in the heavens.  You are at My right hand.  Because My Son is at the right hand of majesty so you are at the right hand of majesty.  The Spirit of Christ is in you and moving through you upon the earth.  You are likewise in Me and moving through Me in the heavens.  Open your eyes and see.  Seeing heaven and experiencing heaven does not have to be some unusual or unique experience for an elite few.  Let not such thoughts filter through your mind.  You are in Me and I AM in you.  I AM in you on the earth and you are in Me in the heavens.  Open your eyes and see!

In the coming days you will see and you will know that heaven is in you as a resource as much as it a place you will arrive at one day.  You are one that is co-located in heavenly places with Me.  Because I AM far above all principalities and power so you are far above all principality and power.  I AM the Greater One on the inside of you therefore there is greatness, rule and dominion in you.  Exercise your dominion.  Command your eyes to see yourself as I see you.  Anoint your eyes with the eyes salve of My truth and My perspective – how I AM currently seeing you and what I AM currently doing in your life.  Get your eyes off the opposition and get them upon Me for at the end of the matter it is who I AM and not what the enemy is attempting that decides what tomorrow looks like in your life.

27 June 2016:   The Father says today learn to love and let go.  When the rich young ruler chose his wealth over the Kingdom – I loved him and let him go.  It is a fact that there will be people around you who will not be excited about what I AM doing in your life.  Love them and let them go.  Continued efforts to engage and renew connection with your detractors will only suffer their mouth to sin against My purposes in your life.  Learn not to cast unnecessary stumbling blocks in front of those who oppose and mock at who I AM in your life.  Never listen to your critics.  Never answer those who sit in the seat of the scornful.  Keep your eyes upon Me and give no credence to the opinions of the uninformed and unenlightened.

I will bless those that bless you and I will execrate from your life those that trifle with you.  Make it your determination to show your enemies the kindness of not provoking them to sin against My purposes in your life.  Refuse to look back.  Do not look to the things that are behind you but look to the things that are ahead.  Remember Lot’s wife.  There is nothing behind you that is worth more than who I AM to you.  There is nothing behind you that exceeds in value the future that I have laid out for you in the tableau of your tomorrows.  Come to maturity in this says the Father and your peace will remain with you even when turmoil and contempt abound.  Forget those things that are behind and press in to the mark of the prize of the high calling that I summon you to this day.

26 June 2016.   The Father says today become a channel of service out to others.  Giving yourself out to others is the platform for promotion in your life and acceleration into your own personal blessing.  Get your mind off of your problems, your challenge, your suffering and sow yourself as an answer to prayer into the lives of those in need around you.  When you orient your life around the needs of others you activate the “God particle” inside your own human spirit that opens the heavens and rains down My favor and benefit and blessing.  Behind every act of selfless service is a discharge of blessing with your name on it. Your giving of yourself out to others uncaps the seal of inheritance and beneficence that is ready and available to change YOUR life and circumstances.

It is My nature to give.  I AM not holding out on you.  I AM not reluctant to move in your life.  There is no reticence in Me to answer your prayer.  My default answer toward you is yes and “so be it”.  Follow in My example.  If you aspire to reflect My image in your life then giving will be your reflexive response to every need.  Refuse to be like the Pharisee who wouldn’t enter in nor allow others in greater need to enter in.  Refuse to judge the worthiness of those who come to you in their want.  Neither allow yourself to be manipulated by those who only wish to drain you as a resource to feed their own sinful appetites.  Love them.  Provide for them.  Be a fountain of blessing to all ON MY TERMS and not theirs.  In so doing even the rank sinners around you will catch a glimpse of My throne through your love and your generosity.

25 June 2016.   The Father says today you are My betrothed.  My heart toward you is as the heart of a Bridegroom for His Bride.  You are more than a mere servant.  If all I wanted from you was obedience there would have been no need of the cross, no need of going down into hell for your salvation, no need of humbling Myself to become a man in order to secure the new birth in your behalf.  You are My beloved.  You are My betrothed.  My love for you is stronger than death and My jealousy over you more cruel than the grave.  I AM a jealous God and My fire burns against anything in your life that would distract you from the intimacy and relationship that we share.  That is My heart for you and My heart toward you this day.  This day I choose to beautify you with My love and My favor because there is no greater purpose in My kingdom than to bring forth a bride suited for the bridegroom – who I AM.

So rest in this says the Father, that I AM not towering over you waiting to beat you down if you don’t serve Me and grovel before Me like a slave in chains.  You are My beloved.  You are an heir of the Kingdom and an entitled one in the heavens.  All of heaven turns its focus upon you – not because of who you are in yourself but because of My evident and obvious love for you.  Every angel assigned to your life understands how much I love you.  Every angel working in your life does so with the understanding that you are a favored one and that My heart is inclined toward you.  There is no reluctance in Me where you are concerned – let there be no reluctance in your heart where I AM concerned.  Let there be trust, fidelity and abandonment in your heart toward Me this day for I AM your reward and your bridegroom and as such I desire to this day fill you and fill your life with every good thing.

24 June 2016.   The Father says today that failure is not your portion.  Failure is not in My character therefore failure is not encoded into the destiny I have crafted for your life.  You are not a failure.  You are not destined to fail or come to naught.  Resist the temptation to take a measurement of your life’s circumstances before the process I AM leading you through comes to it’s natural conclusion.  When you are exasperated and feel all is lost just realize that there will be another day.  Get it in your mind that I AM always working in your behalf.  I AM always working and willing to bring you to highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.  That is My nature.  That is My heart toward you.  As you keep your confidence in Me and anchor your sense of self in what I say about you – you will never be ashamed.

So dust off those dreams and visions that I have given you in times past.  Take those projects and purposes you have shelved and place them squarely in front of you.  Look to Me with expectation.  I have a ways and means to get things done in your life.  Part of the exasperation you have experienced has to do with imposing your idea of HOW I AM going to get things done.  I have limited My sovereignty in promising you an outcome but I retain My sovereignty as to how I bring your dream and vision about.  Do not waste your time suggesting to Me or demanding just HOW I will answer your prayer.  Your idea of HOW I will answer is only an example of what I won’t do.  My thoughts are not your thoughts.  My ways are not your ways – but as you listen to My heart and stay faithful even when things do not make sense you will see of the travail of your soul and be satisfied.

23 June 2016.   The Father says today enter into My stillness.  All around you the din and hue of everyday life is demanding your attention.  Come down inside.  Turn your attention to the inward altar where the incense of intercession is ascending to My throne.  Your inner man is a microcosm of My kingdom.  The glory and the outraying of My light reside there within you.  The enemy and at times everyday life conspires to turn you away from My presence but I say to you run to the rock that bore you.  You are not alone.  I AM your defense and I AM surrounding you with favor as with a shield.  The inward life that you conduct before My throne will determine what happens next in your outward circumstances.  That is how My Lordship within manifests as My glory without and change comes.

So come away My beloved.  I AM the lover of your soul.  I AM the Bridegroom longing for the Bride.  Your soul is that to which I AM betrothed.  You are My bride in your person and in your soul.  You are My bride through your connection to the corporate Christ that is My body upon the earth. I  will not allow the enemy to set on you or to harm you in any way.  I will not allow circumstances of life to defile you or to rob you of your joy.  There is a place here by Me that you can hide in the cleft of the rock that I AM till the storms be overpast.  Though a 1000 fall at your right hand and 10,000 at your left know this – you will be left standing. My glory will be seen in your land.  You will not be denied and you will not be disappointed in any way as you yield yourself to Me in a fresh, new commitment this day.

June 22, 2016.   The Father says today enter into the greater things of My Kingdom.  My love for you is greater.  My love for you is greater than your failure.  My love for you is greater than your sinful tendencies.  My love is greater.  My love, My jealousy over you is vehement beyond the hatred of Satan himself.  Though all the hatred, and cruelty be gathered together in one concentrated cauldron of spite against you – My love is greater.  My love is greater than judgment.  My love is greater says the Father – so this day enter into and walk in My greater love.  Allow yourself to be the BELOVED.  Allow yourself and see yourself as one for whom the only begotten was offered up on the cross.  Allow yourself to see yourself as one who for love’s sake even the grave could not restrain Me from you.

It is your portion to be loved.  You have wondered and speculated what your purpose in My kingdom might be.  Beyond every other concept and idea, it is your highest task to simply be loved.  Outside of understanding My love there is nothing to be accomplished.  Every religious effort, every monumental effort is completely without merit unless you first accept, understand and be immersed in the love wherewith I love you.  I love you.  Love is why I came here.  Love is why I stay.  Love is who I am and what I do.  Accept that love.  Tear away and extract every illegitimate and false image of Me in your mind that is contrary to love.  I AM not looking for opportunities to judge you I AM looking for occasion to love you.  Can you accept that love?  In accepting love, you are accepting Me.  Revel in My love.  Bask in My love.  Luxuriate in My love this day and every day until there are no days left and only eternity – and My love remain.

June 21, 2016.   The Father says today, stay focused on your calling.  Make your calling and election sure.  Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.  Do not make the mistake that Peter made.  He squirmed when I asked “do you love Me”.  He looked at John and demanded “what shall this man do?”  It doesn’t matter what others do.  Though others go glibly on their way without any accountability – that is not your portion.  When you gave your life to Me I took you at your word and I have been working to mold and to shape you into My image.  Much of the pressure you have sought to escape in life has not been the pressure of the enemy but rather My hand – turning you on the wheel of the potter.  Shall the thing made say to the thing that made it, “Why have you made me thus?”  I AM the Potter, beloved – you are the clay.

When you look around you will see the garish, painted, broken shards of unwilling vessels.  They chose to step off the potter’s wheel because the demand was too great.  They painted themselves with lofty, gilded opinions of their own greatness. In reality that have been marginalized by their own self-deception.  They preen themselves like spiritual peacocks and remark how kingdom minded they are – but nothing will change for them till the get back on the potter’s wheel and allow Me to finish in them what I started.  Stay flexible, beloved. I know the path that you take.  It is My hand forming and shaping you.  There will be a finished work.  Trust Me.  Stay so obedient to Me and you will reach your full maturity in Me.

June 20, 2016.   The Father says today do not give in to self-pity.  It is time to absent yourself from the assembly of the self-absorbed.  Self-pity and self-absorption are part and parcel of the fallen condition.  Pursuing My kingdom and anticipating My blessing is not about self-indulgence or narcissistic ideas about who you actually are in My Kingdom.  Resist, says the Father, the lies of the enemy when he works to seduce you by love of self.  Look into the mirror of My word.  See yourself transparently and honestly.  Find out what it is to be accountable for your own character and actions.  You are fully capable of that level of maturity – regardless of what others may think of you.

Chastisement is the privilege of sons, says the Father and I call you My beloved son and My beloved daughter.  My Spirit within you enables the cry “Abba, Father”.  Do you accept Me as Father in all things?  Purpose in your heart that I am more than a benefactor and more than a distant, altruistic being that answers the cry of your heart.  I AM a Father.  I created the concept of fatherhood for the primary purpose of revealing to you who I AM in your life.  Fathers are formative influences in the lives of their children.  Allow Me to form you.  Be correctable.  Be a yielded vessel.  Know what it is not only to ask forgiveness but to repent and reform those areas of your person and your life that you know fall short and grieve My heart.  I will be right there to give you My enabling grace because I love you and hold you as the pupil of My eye.

June 19, 2016.   The Father says today stay “others” oriented.  Do not fall into the snare of self-absorption.  The enemy wants you to look at your situation, your problem and your trials – and nothing else.  Know this, that seeking first the kingdom carries with it a demand of looking away from your need, and your problem, to the needs of others.  Do not give in to the distraction of the urgent, or the immediate.  Are you capable of turning away from your own necessity and looking to the wants of others?  If you can do nothing else, says the Father, you can intercede, pray and cry out to Me, not only for your own legitimate needs, but regarding what is going on in the lives of those around you.

Don’t take your eyes off the harvest.  For every disciple, every apostle and every saint who was included in the narrative of the New Testament – there were situations and circumstances demanding them to think only of themselves, and not the needs of others.  They purchased to themselves a godly heritage by becoming willing workers in My harvest, even though at times their own needs were great – even all consuming.  Become a servant-son this day.  See yourself as a handmaiden of My throne.  Refuse to ascribe to yourself callings that are not connected with something you are actually doing.  Seeing yourself as walking in a call without actually sacrificing yourself for that purpose is a form of deception. Make yourself available.  Pour out your life like a drink offering.  Know that I AM working in your situation as you relentlessly seek first the Kingdom.

June 18, 2016.   The Father says today step into My timelessness.  I release you this day from the tyranny of time.  No longer will you find yourself saying “I don’t have time!”, or “There’s not enough time in my day!”  That is not your portion.  I AM not hurried therefore you are not hurried.  You are not hurried says the Father, for I created time and the passage of time to be your servant and not your master.  Time is not the unwelcome byproduct of Adam’s fallen condition.  Time was created by My hand to measure the span of distance between GLORY and GLORY in your life.  Your life is not about reeling from one pressure packed day to another.  Your life is more than schedules, phone calls and missed appointments.  Your life is not measured in packets of days, minutes, hours or seconds.  When you need more time beloved then I will simply expand eternity and fold into your life every day and every moment necessary to get the job done.

Do you need more time says the Father?  I declare you are free this day from the tyranny of time.  Time shall not LORD over you, for that is My portion to be your LORD, and I AM a jealous God.  I will take time and bend it to your will, and cause it to be lengthened, expanded and prolonged in order that your days in this life will be days of blessing and not despair.  As are your days so shall be your strength.  This day I make you a master of time.  I AM the creator of time and you rule and reign with Me.  Therefore, because I AM the master of time so you shall rule over time and see fullness of days, length of life.  You will go from FAITH to FAITH.  You will step each day from GLORY to GLORY.  Everything you touch will be immortalized by My glory on the inside of you.  That which is lacking has now been added.  That which seemed out of reach is firmly in your grasp – so REST and trust and move forward, for this is where it gets easy!

June 17, 2016.   The Father says today, that there is no power in heaven and earth that can set you outside My plan for your life.  Your days are not strung together in some random meaningless order.  The events of your life and the things of tomorrow are written in My book and will come to pass exactly as I have planned.  The only deviation from My perfect order is determined by your own level of trust and confidence in who I have represented Myself to be in your regard.  So WHO DO YOU SAY that I AM says the Father?  What YOU THINK determines your tomorrows far more than the choices of others, or circumstance or the happenstance of your birth.

Let this day be a point of turning to DEEP TRUST, says the Father.  Let this day be the day that you acknowledge with all that is within you that MY AGENDA is to bring HEAVEN TO EARTH in your life and your experience.  You will not be left out.  You will not go unblessed.  You will receive the inheritance and the full redemption of the purchased possession that Calvary afforded you 2000 years ago.  FEAR NOT!  Fret not, neither be concerned about the things and situations and circumstances that seem to contradict what I have said. Circumstances change.  Situations change.  My promise abides forever and YOU WILL NOT BE DENIED!

June 16, 2016.   The Father says today there is a time and a season for everything under the sun.  So the grief you endure is for the night only and joy comes in the morning.  I AM the Comforter and I AM acquainted with your sorrows and grief.  I hear your questions and I know your thoughts.  For some of you know your loved ones are with Me, and let Me assure you of their exceeding great joy, for they have not left their life, but they have ENTERED INTO their LIFE.  Oh yes, they are living in fullness of joy and are still busy about My Kingdom.  So release this grief to Me today, and be comforted by their great joy that also awaits you and all who are accepted in the Beloved.  There are others of My children who are grieving because they do NOT know where their loved one is now.  Oh how your heart so longs to know if they are with Me.

Know this, does My word return to Me void?  Did I not say you shall be saved and your household?  Have you not prayed and interceded for them to be delivered into My Kingdom?  Do you not realize that I AM able to appear to them even upon the hour of their passing?  That My ministering angels of salvation are working until the very end?  That they are set apart because of your prayers?  For there are those who choose Me as I appear to them in their final breath and you shall be surprised and delighted, when you come home, at who is there to greet you.  So give Me all your sorrows, and let Me heal your soul this day for I am the God of ALL Comfort.

June 15, 2016.   The Father says today this is where it gets interesting.  For all the provocations of the enemy in your life, I will turn them back and establish you in blessing and My favor.  When the enemy comes to his end he roars ever so loudly.  The darkness before the dawn is the last gasp of the enemy of your soul, vainly hoping that his strategy to destroy you will fail.  Set your eyes upon Me.  Commend your path to My hand.  Refuse to allow yourself to respond emotionally to the bleakness of the natural circumstance.  This is but a light affliction that will burn away as I arise as the Daystar in your life to illuminate the favored position you have been in all along.

If you could look from the perspective of mere months from now upon this day’s challenge – there would be a smile on your face.  Refuse to borrow trouble.  Refuse to be sorrowful or in fear of your future.  I AM the God of impossible situations and I AM coming through for you.  Set yourself to be faith filled and faithful to the call wherewith I have called you.  Allow the heat of the furnace to burn away everything in your character that conflicts with My love and My purity.  I AM a fire from My waist upwards and My waist downward.  I AM the refining fire that purges away the dross of sin and sinful tendencies.  At the end of the matter not only will you come forth victorious, but you will come forth shining with My character and holiness, having usurped everything in your person reflecting My glory!

June 14, 2016.   The Father says today that My first choice in your life is never rebuke or chastisement.  The disciples struggled and they failed and I told them, “now you are clean through My word that I have spoken unto you…”  Though you struggle and wrestle with pain and with pressure know this – I AM the author of peace and the originator of blessing in your life and not cursing.  Others may look upon the challenges of life and claim that I AM at the root of it all but open your eyes beloved.  There is an enemy of your soul that hunts for your soul desiring to rend you as a lion rends its prey.  That is not who I AM and that is not what I do.  I came that you might have life and life more abundantly.  I AM come that you might find refuge in Me and not cower away being misled to think that I place any delight in your difficulty.  When you are smitten it is not My hand for all My paths are peace.  I AM working to cleanse and deliver not snare or tear you down.

So when your circumstances are unstable and all of life seems as one gaping wound know that I AM pouring in the oil and the wine of My goodness and My presence both to heal and to mend.  When your burden is beyond bearing and you have no answers – I AM your answer.  I AM your relief.  Though men who claim to represent Me say otherwise – I AM all about yoke easy and burden light.  In feebleness I am your strength.  In frustration I speak peace to calm the troubled waters of your soul.  When you are rejected by loved ones and hunted as a prey by your enemies I am there to shelter and to shield you.  My favor will encompass you.  I will be your covert and refuge till the storm is over past.  You will not be destroyed beloved.  At the end of the day you will be left intact and in receipt of My goodness knowing that the God of the Universe has undertaken for you even this day.  I AM your security and I have secured you in My promise this day and forevermore says your God!

June 13, 2016.   The Father says today that I will wait no longer to throw open the gates of My kingdom to the hungry, the lost and the broken.  My church is not a maximum security vault to keep people out.  It is an open gate to bring those that are unwashed, needy and hurting to a place of cleansing and healing.  You are one of those gates.  Be open you everlasting gate!  Lift up your head you everlasting doors for I AM come to reclaim that which was mine and to distribute My inheritance to those that are crying out for deliverance.  I have heard the cry of mankind.  I have heard their cries in the brothels.  I have heard their cry in the hovels and in the streets.  I have heard their cry and I have made the decree:
“That will be enough of that!”

So get ready says the Father. Get ready to receive those that are coming to My supper.  On Calvary I opened My heart, and opened My veins and poured My life out to the needy.  I AM calling upon you now to be one who opens up access to My kingdom that has been closed by illegitimate authority of religious mentalities.  The scribes, the Pharisees and the hypocrites WOULD NOT come therefore I AM bringing those from the highways and byways.  They are coming in broken.  They are coming in bleeding.  They are coming in unwashed.  They won’t look too good and they won’t smell good.  They will constitute an interruption to “church as usual” and many of My children will be offended.  They will be offended because they have forgotten where they came from.  They will be offended because they have drawn a line of distinction that does not exist between themselves and those they would exclude and look down on.  Get ready says the Father to triage the wounded and to make yourself a willing worker in this new harvest for it is here.  No longer waiting.  No longer wondering.  The harvest begins!

June 12, 2016.   The Father says today you can set your own season in My kingdom.  You may have been taught that there is little you can control in life but that is not what My word says.  I AM the Lord of the heavens and the earth.  There is nothing that happens in creation that I am not fully aware of and influencing at every level.  You are My beloved child in whom I take pleasure both to bless and benefit you.  I live on the inside of you.  My kingdom is on the inside of you.  My Kingdom is My rule.  My sovereignty and My omnipotence, omniscience, and omni-presence.  Do you really think that living for Me and walking in My Kingdom is about being plowed under by circumstance or going through life as a failure in abject suffering?

Say of your soul “the Greater One lives within me…”  Say of your soul  “I really CAN do all things through Christ which strengthens me…”  The religious mentality will always throw dispersions on the kingdom way of thinking.  Religious, illegitimate authority will continually attempt to disqualify you from My very promise.  They say to you (wrongly) that I want you to suffer and to go without.  Isn’t it interesting that they themselves seldom go without though they see My glory in the poverty of others?  Set aside that kind of thinking.  This is a day that you will enter into a new experience of the entitlement that the Cross of Christ and the suffering of Calvary affords you.  I love you because I love you – because I love you.  What about all your shortcomings?  We will deal with those along the way.  Just be cooperative.  Be in a place of yieldedness at all times – but know this beloved:  Everything in your life improves from here.

June 11, 2016.   The Father says today that I will guide you with My eye.  I will be so close to you and so intimate with you that you will know without one word being said exactly what I desire and what I want from you at any given moment.  That is the dialog that I am seeking and searching for.  My Spirit goes out into all the earth seeking for such to worship Me in THAT spirit and in THAT truth.  I want those servants who not only want intimacy with the word but with the mouth, the lips that speak that word.  I AM calling forth the bride.  As the bridegroom longs for the bride so My heart longs for that bride who will say “let Him kiss Me with the kisses of His lips for His love is better than wine…”

There is deeper intimacy available says the Father.  There are available levels of intimacy that haven’t been experienced on the earth.  It goes beyond the vintage of any move of God or wine of the Spirit that has been known in times past.  I AM taking you past mere human joy or elation based upon outward circumstance.  I AM bringing you into direct communion with Me – Spirit to spirit.  My Holy Spirit is encapsulating and enveloping your human spirit.  I am bringing you into such a place of one-ness with Me that it will be hard to determine where I leave off and where you take up.  Do you have strength for that experience?  I AM releasing strength to you that you might leave behind the pedantic, pedestrian understanding of walking in My kingdom and boldly abandon yourself to a new confidence in Me.

June 10, 2016.    The Father says today drink deeply of My refreshing.  I AM the water from the rock that follows you to every dry place.  When you are parched in your spirit and crying out for relief know that I will bubble up within you and fill you with My mercy and My strength.  Refuse to partake of the unsatisfying waters of the world’s diversions and distractions.  Find rather your resource and inspiration in Me.  At the end of the day your rejoicing will be increased and your sleep will be sweet.  You will lie down in peace and wake up to the new circumstances that I have prepared for you.  Do not allow yourself to believe that change is long in coming.  I AM the God of suddenly, and when I step in to the bow of your boat you will find yourself suddenly at land.

This is your hour and this is your season.  I AM not waiting till your suffering is acute before I will act.  Now is the day of salvation.  Now is the moment that I come through for you.  I AM an ever present help in a time of trouble.  I AM not withdrawn from you in any way and I take no pleasure in your pain and suffering.  Look to Me.  Refuse to answer again those who are railing against you.  You are where your attention takes you.  Ignore them.  Refuse to believe the lie of the evident and trust in the inevitability of My favor to deliver you and set your feet on the solidity of My faithfulness.  This is your portion and this is the plan that I am working out in your life.  Your eyes will see it and you will rejoice.

June 9, 2016.   The Father says today press out into your environment.  Your spirit acts just like My Spirit when you learn how to cooperate with Me.  Just as My Spirit can go places and do things, so your human spirit can press out into your environment and create a space for Me to work in.  Just as My basic nature is that of lordship, so your base nature in Me is to be a force of intimidation against the enemy.  No matter how many troops the enemy brings to the contest, you are always in the majority.  You are an outnumbering force of one because I AM in you and with you.  You are moving in an energy that cannot be diminished or overrun.  When I said “occupy till I come” – I didn’t intend for you to cower in a sheep shed waiting for the rapture.  I have called you and anointed you to go out and possess all that I have laid claim to – and that is the whole earth!

So just know that because I AM in you and you are in Me that anywhere you go – is going to be a real happening place.  Release your spirit into the atmosphere!  Change the atmosphere and put the prince of the power of the air out of business!  Let what I AM doing in you and through you get out into the atmosphere in your town and around your home until the enemy just can’t get anything done anymore.  Make it your purpose to OWN and to OCCUPY your space for the purposes of creating an environment where others can fall in love with Jesus.  That is your portion.  That is what you do.  That is who you are.  What you OWN you can change.  It’s all Mine says the Father and because it is MINE and I AM IN YOU.  You have the title deed to the whole earth.  Everywhere you go.  Every building you walk into.  Every street you drive down.  You are the dominating force because of who I AM on the inside of you.  Break out of containment this day.  Let who I am breathe and move and find being in you today.  Go out and BE ME to the world.

June 8, 2016.   The Father says today make your boast in Me.  You will never be ashamed says the Father when you put your trust in Me and know that I AM working in your life.  You do not have to keep quiet about what I AM doing.  You are trusting that I am at work in your life so tell others about it.  Let your friends and loved ones see that you are confident that things will work out.  Let your enemies and your detractors see that you are not intimidated by what they are saying.  Let your critics see that you won’t be moved by what they think will happen next.  Do not show fear in the face of the enemy.  You know what happens next.  You realize that I AM at work.  I have proven Myself time and again.  There is nothing to be ashamed of.

Know this says the Father – I AM not bound by convention by what I do in your life.  You may wonder and speculate just how I am going to act.  You may have ideas about what I should do or what I might do.  All that establishes is what avenues and means of working will not be involved in what happens next.  I delight to defy your expectations.  I delight to show you just how unusual and unique is the deliverance I am bringing in your life.  You will see your end result but it won’t come like you think.  It won’t be what others think will happen.  Others will look on the breakthrough I bring you into and scratch their head.  They will conclude that “it can’t possibly be God, because God wouldn’t do that…”  I AM making you the poster child for the unusual, the unique and unexpected – for I delight in you and it is My good pleasure to take you and promote you and bless you in My sovereignty this day.

June 7, 2016.   The Father says today I AM doing a finishing work in your life.  It is not your fate to live your whole life in a continual, arduous process without ever coming to breakthrough or outcome.  I AM a God not only of the process but also of the outcome.  I AM bringing you to an expected end.  I have no desire to harness you to an inexorable, unending spectacle of grueling labors and tasks.  When I created the earth in 6 days I rested.  I established the entire understanding of the 7th day so that you would know that My purpose is to bring you to rest.  This is your 7th day.  Your 7th day approaches.  The finishing anointing is upon you.  The enemy has been served notice that “that will be enough of THAT”!

Are you ready to enter into rest, beloved?  Are you prepared to “BE” and know what it is to “BE” and not just forever and endlessly “doing”?  I AM not a God of unending striving.  I AM a God of REST.  I AM more interested in WHO YOU ARE than in WHAT YOU DO!  This is why I took the OLD COVENANT of LAW and established the NEW COVENANT of GRACE.  You have better promises than those who only knew servitude and the demands of My divine justice.  I not only call you a servant, but I call you My beloved child.  Wrap your mind around that, and invest your heart’s affections upon who I AM as Father, and not just a hard task master requiring you to serve in the quarries of dead religion!

June 6, 2016.   The Father says today you are entering new dimensions of My glory.  There is no limitation on the depths you can experience in My kingdom says the Father.  There has been an assumption on the part of My children that they must die in order to go on to greater glory.  I say to you today that the greater glory is in you – in your heart by virtue of the new birth experience.  There is no less of My Spirit on the inside of you now than there will be when you make your exit from this life.  I do not require the instrumentality of physical death to bring you to higher heights and deeper depths in Me.  Death is an enemy. It is the last enemy that shall be overcome.  No longer allow yourself to see death as a means to greater dimensions of habitation in My presence.  The abiding places that I have prepared for you are not only in eternity but in this life as well.  My purpose is to see to it that the FULL DIVIDEND and BENEFIT of the cross be experienced not only THEN but NOW!

Can you take now for an answer?  Religion always postulates on the hereafter, but I say to you that My kingdom is a NOW kingdom and there is no less eternity in you now than there will be when you physically stand before Me in a glorified body.  So make up your mind to WEAR the crown NOW that you will willingly CAST at My feet THEN!  Ruling and reigning begins NOW.  Walking in the kingdom is a NOW proposition.  Experiencing fullness is a NOW experience that fills you utterly with WHO I AM and causes you to be a conduit of glory out to those who are in darkness.  Know this, says the Father, that the greater glory is upon you, and in you, and flowing out through you.  Be that light!  Be that llumination!  Allow the river of My life to find its boundaries, and manifest the miraculous, even this day as you go out to rejoice and stand in praise and worship before Me this day says the Father!

June 5, 2016.   The Father says today refuse to be distracted.  When the enemy figures out that you are not going to be moved from your focus on My kingdom, distractions will radically diminish in your life.  The enemy of your soul will not waste his time on a strategy against you that no longer works.  Stop answering that call when it comes.  You know what the conversation will be and that the end of it is frustration and anger.  Refuse to read the text from hell.  Delete that e-mail without reading it.  Stop playing into the distraction of the enemy to manipulate your emotions and steal your joy.

This day I call upon you, says the Father, to take responsibility and authority over every avenue of ingress into your life, and heart, and mind.  Turn away from the corrupt communications being poured into your life through others, through the media and even those closest to you.  When they lament in their hypocrisy – refuse to feign mournfulness with them.  When they pipe the odes of their unbelief – refuse to dance to their tune.  Make it your determination to be careful for nothing, and set your affection and the attenuation of your mind upon WHO I AM and WHAT I AM DOING, and not any other thing. In so doing beloved, you will immerse yourself in My presence and elevate yourself to a new level of authority with immediate results.

June 4, 2016.   The Father says today that your times are in My hand.  It isn’t up to man or even ultimately up to you what happens next.  I AM a sovereign God, and in My sovereignty I have loved you and will continue to love you with My everlasting love.  My love is a certainty that will stand when all of creation has been folded up like a garment and cast away.  My love for you will burn as brightly eons from now as it did the moment the nails pierced My hands and My feet.  I love you, because I love you, because I love you and I will keep on loving you.  Your calling in life and role in the earth is to know My love and become acquainted with My love and to be the beloved.  Before any other purpose comes online in the agenda I have destined for you – love comes first.

So go out in your day today and simply be My beloved.  I AM not interested in any sacrifice or assignment or task in your day that does not proceed out of the overwhelming response of your heart to My love.  Love is who I AM says the Father.  Love is what I do.  Love is why I came here and love is why I will never leave you and never forsake you.  There is no human measurement on any scale that can scarcely conceive of the breadth, depth and height of My love for you.  You are loved.  You are surrounded with love.  I’ve got you surrounded says the Father – you might as well give up and just be loved today.

June 3, 2016.   The Father says today that your patience is being rewarded.  There is a rain of My presence pouring out in your life today says the Father.  The seeds that you have sown are being watered and are breaking forth from the soil of your heart.  Seeds of faith are incorruptible.  They never die.  They always hold the germ of life – the germ of My Spirit within themselves.  Grieve not, neither be dismayed when it seems the harvest is long in coming.  It is your patience that assures you will come to an expected end and a promised outcome.  I have made to you exceeding precious promises and they will not fail.  Determine in your heart to wait for the rains of My Spirit to mature what has been planted by your prayers and expectation of highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.

I AM a good farmer says the Father.  I never lose a crop.  Your prayers will not be a crop failure.  You will not need to plow under infertile seed and try again.  You have petitioned and prayed and believed and the harvest will be plenteous.  Be patient!  Be expectant!  My kingdom is as a man who planted his seed and went away night and day and lo it springs up, though he knows not how.  Stop wondering just HOW I AM going to do the things that I have promised you.  Keep your expectation on the OUTCOME and leave the PROCESS to Me.  Stop digging up your prayer seed and getting frustrated because it isn’t growing.  I AM not a man that I should lie, or the son of man that I should repent.  What you have committed to Me in prayer will be brought forth as you remain patiently expectant on what the rain, the latter and the former rain of My presence is bringing about in your heart and in your life.

June 2, 2016.   The Father says today find your joy in Me.  Happiness at times can be fleeting, says the Father, but you will find that joy is a deep well resident in My Spirit on the inside of you.  When circumstances around you are difficult and challenging, just turn to the Rock that bore you.  Know that I will be the Manna on the ground every morning and the water out of the rock at every encampment of your journey.  There is no need to stay encamped around yesterday’s testimony.  Yesterday’s testimony is past history.  Pack up and move on.  Do not allow your fidelity or loyalties to be entrenched in things that have gone on before.  Yesterday’s manna always breeds worms.  Keep on seeking and pressing forward in Me.

I will be found faithful, says the Father, not only in past victories but in your present difficulties.  I AM your health and the light of your countenance.  I AM your provision and your “exceedingly-more-abundant” resource to meet every need.  Man is not your supply.  Man is not your go-to resource for fulfillment and provisioning.  I AM a jealous God.  I AM your Jehovah-Jireh.  I AM the ram caught in the thicket to meet your greatest need, so look to Me.  Know that I will put fat on your bones in the lean times.  I will see to it that you are the last one standing when every other false dependency has fallen and dried up and moved on.  You are not called to follow the crowd into the fertile plains of Sodom, but to follow My voice into the high places where covenant is cut and the burning bush is found.  That is who I AM to you and what My portion is in your life this day.

June 1, 2016.   The Father says today that you are clean through the word that I speak to you.  There is washing and there is cleansing in My Spirit says the Father.  When the defilement of the world contaminates your spirit come to Me and be refreshed.  In all the Old Testament examples the unclean always contaminated the clean when it came into contact.  There was one exception.  When something that is unclean would touch running water, the running water would not become unclean.  I AM that running water in your life.  I have placed within you streams of living water that are flowing out from you as a testament to My love and a testament to My purity in your life.  Though you may be under pressure, know this that the power of the current of My river in you is greater than the power of the enemy trying to breach your walls.

Greater is the pressure on the inside of you of My Spirit flowing out than the pressure of the enemy on the outside seeking to defile you.  As the children of Israel sang to the rock and the water came forth so let your mouth sing of My praises and the refreshing of My Spirit will cleanse you.  There is cleansing in My Spirit beloved.  Deliverance from sin and deliverance from the contamination of the world is necessary and needful.  Come to the well of water, the springs of living water, the veritable river of My Spirit that flows in you even now. It is not a metaphor for a river – it is a river in truth as mighty as any river on the earth breaking forth from My heart to your life and blasting away every assault of the enemy.  Sing to that river.  Command that river to spring up as the saints of old times did.  Receive and be cleansed.  Receive and be refreshed.  Receive and be renewed and healed and transform this day by My healing river.


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