The Fear of Control and Containment


The LORD gave me this title, and I had to pray for its meaning. 

I had to dig a bit to ask the LORD what HE was saying and what it meant to us fellow believers.

1:  People are afraid to be Associated to closely with, or to be Controlled by any form of Leadership.  That most of us understand.

Then He gave me this Word, Containment.

2: Containment (noun) A policy of creating strategic alliances in order to check the expansion of a hostile power or ideology.  (From © Princeton’s

Instead of try to figure this out for many of you; The LORD impressed upon me to ask you to finish reading this ‘Catch of the Day’, to see if this answers your deep questions and yearning of Spirit and what deludes and makes us feel stuck where we are.

Please let me know after you read this, what the LORD impressed on you.

The LORD is going to do a awakening to you and you will come to understand difficult questions you have had.  I really want to hear what He shows you!

We thought we had breakthrough last year, but it is nothing compared to what is coming in 2018.

Christ is coming back for a victorious and powerful Church and that means we are going to be strengthened with every press, every blow, every attack, false word or work.

You shall begin to see that absolutely any and all things waged against you shall cause growth!

The devil is so exacerbated that he can’t keep up with you.  You are like the giant in the Gulliver’s travels.

Sleeping all the while the enemy in his small stature, figures he can hold us down, so he throws rope over us hoping it works but when the giant arose, the rope snapped off!

I remember a novel called “Gulliver’s Travels.” It reminded me of what I saw.

There were so many little demons scurrying around the body trying to tie down the giant with ropes.  As the giant slept, the demons were happy to have this huge giant restrained.

Then the giant began to wake up, and all of the ropes snapped off.  It was sheer terror to the demons for they thought they had it all covered.  They worried and they NOW know they made a big mistake.

The LORD is bringing great strength to your resolve for yourself and others.  Your life is given for others, as servants of the LORD.

As servants to his body, he holds us accountable.  For those who remain hidden shall be given an open door that the light of the glorious Truth will come forth.

You won’t have to ask when, but you will see it with your eyes.

Remain aware beloved of God that when he opens doors, that our mission also includes having to deal with many adversaries.

The enemy is so angry because you shift, rift, shake, rattle and elevate so much that you cannot be pinned down!

Remain aware of all your surroundings and when we go through these things, strengthen each other!

I see a lot more corporate ministries coming together.  I see the revelation coming to each one.  This past year there has been a fear of losing our identity in Christ.  This lie will be corrected to many this year who will hear.

Jesus is the head of Five-Fold Ministry according to Ephesians chapter four, and the five offices are the HUB of the wheel.

However there is a core within that HUB which is stationary to be rooted deeply in God and grounded as overseer’s for the ministries that are connected and others who come.

I Illustrate, “connected by spoke” as ministry.  When spokes receive the revelation of connection to the HUB; These become larger, stronger; backed up with heavy hitters that totally destroy the works of the devil, wiping him completely out!

When you step into this new realm collectively, you WILL know it. You won’t have to guess or assume it; you will know it!  You will be led to ask.  Yes YOU!  The LORD wants pro—–motion.

You will watch in wonderment as you see God move through your comrades and yourselves.

Trying times and persecutions shall cause the church to wake up and we must have the skeleton crew in place for the fullness of the godhead to come into action in the body.

The corporate show of force; by land, sea and air these will prevail.  Being connected to his vision will satisfy your soul as you will be able to TRUST, OBEY AND THRUST forward into a greater degree!

Through those who desire advancement, you will find so much freedom when you come to obedience in his corporate mandate.

This mandate is due to the corporate Spiritual warfare NOW needed through the HUB. As a body we are not alone unless we stay alone.

There are various leaders in the HUB who may have one office or more.  What must be understood now in this new season, is that there are inner core groups that are stationary within that same HUB.

Within the core are five fold ministry that shall monitor all the ministries of that wheel within the wheel.  These overseers have been prepared a very long time and they all have been pressed to the last drop.

These in the core having a stabilizing factor, shall provide apostolic prayer covering and those who give direct direction.

The wheel within a wheel; the HUB with the core mounted deeply, will be what will hold each corporate spoke stable.

The revelation of how powerful we work is when we all are together!  This shall amaze many!

Much revelation comes and these shall see what direction the LORD takes us!  This year many will begin to move in unison as the outer wheel is readied with the spokes, HUB and core.

Remember you are like his fine wine, fine china, fine Crystal.  Some shall emerge from their vats and shall be uncorked from many years back.  The pressure we withstood has produced the LORD’s pleasure and purpose.

This year, press in to the pressure, maintain the ground you have gained, let nothing steer you off your course.

It is time that people resolve issues instead of ignoring them or blocking them. It is too easy to cut off or block a person when what we feel is uncomfortable.

Correction shall come forth much more this year 2018 and we shall learn from seasoned leaders how to receive the blessing of correction. IF WE ARE READY.

Also to be taught what correction is and how it works takes a brave soul who has sold out to Jesus no matter how much it cost.  Unless we learn to follow, we will never lead.

Change your thinking, correction is a blessing!

  • Where are the Spiritual Dads and Moms?
  • Who are they and are you ready?
  • Where are the mentor’s in your life?

Just questions beloved, you must answer them.

If you allow the Holy Spirit to season you, you shall stand and the true Church of the living God will have made herself ready!

God will display His church in spendor.  He shall glorify himself through those who live and call him King and LORD!

Corporately, we are going to blow out the enemy’s strongholds and God will replace those voids with God’s prepared warriors!

Five-fold ministry teams are in transitioning and will continue.  Those vacated places are now manned by God and HE is sending in the Skeleton crew as the teams will be sent and set on its own base.

Some have been prepared by God.  Others need to ask all those questions and ask God to show you you’re own heart.

We shall possess the land, the sky, the sea; every place in this world that God has redeemed!

Beloved!  We must take back everything stolen personally and corporately in Jesus’ Name!

“And he said unto me, To build it an house in the land of Shinar: and it shall be established, and set there upon her own base,”   Zechariah 5:11 KJV.


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

Sherry Edwards Mackey imageSherry Edwards Mackey
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The Fear of Control and Containment — 1 Comment

  1. I have always been told and even prophetically, that I’m a “mother” and my husband (in my opinion) is the best example of what a father (and husband) should be.  He has been under severe oppression in the form of confusion for the last 5 years and I’m hoping he will be released by the Lord to do Kingdom work, i.e., advising young men on how to be good fathers and husbands.  As he began to do this in 2013 by creating a wordpress site “Father Always Knows Best” the oppression came on more dramatically.  I have been told its “dementia” but he doesn’t forget, he is confused.  God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and a “sound mind” so I have kept this in mind throughout this 5 year ordeal.

    In 2000 I was given a prophetic word about my “redemptive gift” by Arthur Burk of Plumbline Ministries:

    Redemptive Gift For Jane Greenstein from Arthur Burk – 4/2/2000 Resurrection Church, Brooklyn, NY

    “God’s given me the picture of a coal that is put on a bunch of charcoal and that one of the more significant things in your life is that you will set some other people on fire; some people who will become movers and shakers in the kingdom, much better known than you.  They will not get there without your intercession.  Stir up the potential that is within them.  So ask God, go home and in your prayer closet, spend some time with the Lord and ask: Father, who are the half dozen or so choice people that I’m supposed to focus on until they burst into flame?  These people may never know who it was that brought them into their birthright.  Press in for a small number of people.  You’ll be involved in some public stuff and some city stuff, but your primary call is a half a dozen people that need to be set on fire…so set them on fire.”

    In 2005 I was led to “write the vision” on what I now know is President Trump’s birthday.  I have a pdf I can send you about the vision but the outgrowth was the following website updated in 2010:

    You will see there is a diagram for a “virtuous cycle of adoption” which was fashioned after “wheel within a wheel”.  In Ezekiel’s vision there were burning coals in the wheels and I’ve always thought this could be attributed to the redemptive gift.  In the past week, I had the impression there are 6 coals but in 4 wheels to equal 24 – representative of 24 elders. 

    I have not been able to activate this “vision” due to extreme blocking from every side of humanity.  May 2018 be the timing for activation because I believe its a marketplace ministry for the Order of Melchizedek priesthood.  If you get any confirmation from the Lord on this I’d love to hear it.  Thank you for reading and Happy New Year!