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The First 6 Days in HELL! — 2 Comments

  1. Hi.  Please Pleaseeeeeeeeee.  I want to know from you my second time asking: where in the Bible are you saying do you get the info you present here about hell??  Example: a faint flickering of light.  I strongly believe from the times I read the whole Bible this isn’t found or expressed by implying.  Please explain thoroughly.  Thank you!  I want to help ensure for everyone that people are getting true info about hell.  Have you heard of Bill Wiese and his actual “23 Minutes in hell” experience?  He has many verses to support it and God has really confirmed to me it’s true.  Sometimes He’s the only source when we so need to know what’s true and false.  I love you.  I’m saved.  Thanks for comprehending me and loving God.

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