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The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail — 5 Comments

  1. “innocent black man”

    George Floyd broke into a pregnant black woman’s home, held a gun to her stomach, and threatened to kill her and her baby if she resisted, while his four colleagues robbed her home.

    George Floyd didn’t deserve to die. He deserves justice. The police officer who killed him must face justice. But George Floyd was not an innocent man. He held a gun against a pregnant black woman’s stomach, and threatened to kill her and her baby. As Christians, we must forgive him for his sins, but he was not an innocent man. God is clear that we should not bear false witness. We should not tell lies. We should forgive, but we should not rewrite history.

    And yes, I agree, God will win. God will defeat the devil’s plans.

  2. This is very true!
    The enemy thinks he has the upper hand but The LORD is going to turn it around for His glory as He did every time with Israel.

    Watch and praise our Lord Jesus!

  3. I am at peace… Through it all.  I am excited to see the salvation of the Lord.
    I am eagerly anticipating a bright future for not only myself and MY family, …but my country, USA! THE CHURCH! THE NATIONS! Angelic hosts are busy.  Gods promises are TRUE!
    PEACE! PEACE! BE STILL AND KNOW HE IS GOD! he is not fearful and caught off guard! Rejoice church! Expect GOD!

    MARI…. btw… I am african american! Rejoice.. Do NOT FEAR!Everything will be better soon!

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