The God of All Comfort

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The God of All Comfort

Pain or hardship is one of the oldest “problems” that philosophers try to use to disprove and “shame” God.

The problem with their arguments is that they treat pain as a very unbiblical thing, like it’s some sort of dirty little secret, an accident that we refuse to acknowledge.

But, the Bible talks about pain over and over again.  The Bible makes no secret that pain is a part of the human condition!  And the Bible also tells how much God is involved in comforting those who hurt.

When the Bible calls God the “God of All Comfort,” or “God the Comforter,” it’s not saying that God is a fluffy blanket.

God LOVES to comfort those who hurt.

If your heart is broken, if your spirit has been crushed, something very bad has happened to you.  God is there with us.

Many are the nights I’ve fallen asleep curled up on God’s lap.  When I’m hurt, there is nothing better.

“Those who are right with the Lord cry, and He hears them, and He takes them from all their troubles.  The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart, and He saves those who are broken in spirit,”   Psalm 37:17-18.


Abuse can be take place without saying a word − whether it’s done with degrading looks, obscene gestures or threatening behaviors.

These actions inflict immense pain and paralyze emotional growth.  You don’t have to allow an abuser to make you feel worthless.  Jesus says that God knows not only each and every sparrow, but He also knows you intimately and gives you worth.

Verbal and Emotional Abuse:

“You are such a brat!” “You’re worthless!” …  “You’ll never amount to anything!” …  “I wish you had never been born!”  Words like these in childhood can wound the heart for a lifetime.  And further wounding takes place in adulthood when “control” is the name of the game.

Threats like … “I’ve taken the keys — you’re not going anywhere!”… or, “You better not tell anyone about our fight or I’ll REALLY be angry with you!”… are both emotionally and verbally abusive and are destructive ways of maintaining control in relationships.

Emotional abuse is the unseen fallout of all other forms of abuse: physical, mental, verbal, sexual, and even spiritual abuse.  People often minimize the importance of emotions.  Yet with deeply wounded people, feelings can be the driving force behind their choices.  At that point, for those people, their emotions become the life-sustaining element of their very beings.

Emotional abuse strikes at the very core of who we are …  crushing our confidence … wearing away our sense of worth.

From God’s Word:

“The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit,”   Proverbs 18:21.


In His Shadow,
~ Mary Lindow ©

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” THE MESSENGER ” ~ Mary Lindow

Mary Lindow imageMary Lindow has a passion for encouraging others – all generations, careers or vocations to live expressing excellence through personal integrity, healthy accountability, and wise management of talents and skills. She’s a sought after keynote, inspirational, humorous speaker and teacher across the U.S.A and internationally in Ministers & Spiritual leaders Conferences, and training seminars for various organizations.

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The God of All Comfort — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for this articles, dear sister Mary ! I often thought about you in the past 3 days. In your song your voice sounded vulnerables,
    I felt you must have gone through much hurt, pain and abuse, too. We KNOW that there is blessing in suffering, for this is Word of God !Better being humbly with eyes down than eyes too high, is written in Proverbs.  God does not mean to stop looking up to Him, with heads and eyes up to Him. While I type this, the sun shines VERY BRIGHT on a ladder in the field before me. I will set it to my google place especially for you now – this is so beautiful !

  2. With an angry teenager it is sometimes very good to take the keys.  Then call to get some family counseling.