The Heart of America- Bound to Hillary Clinton


America!  The heart of the nation is bound to the soul of Hillary Clinton!

Watch!  For the hand of God is breaking soul ties in this hour!

The Holy Spirit woke me very early hours of the morning and instructed me to get up and begin to pray for Hillary Clinton!

Now I must say, this was the first time I have been told to do so, but as I obeyed the LORD, He began to move mightily upon my heart.  As I prayed in the Spirit, my heart began to cry out to the Father for healing, restoration, forgiveness and repentance on behalf of the nation and of Hillary Clinton!

But while praying, I was suddenly caught up in a powerful vision where I saw in the spirit realm what looked like two intertwined tormented souls surrounded by deep darkness and shackled in chains.

Now as I looked again, asking God for greater clarity of what I was seeing, the Holy Spirit whispered to me, “Daughter this is the heart of the nation and the soul of Hillary Clinton, for the two are bound together.”

I watched and I listened as both the heart and the soul cried out for relief and release, but the power of many tormenting demons kept both heart and soul tightly bound together.

I watched in horror, as like a feeding frenzy, these evil and demonic beings would urinate and vomit upon the heart of the nation.  it was difficult to look at, but my eyes were fixed.

My heart began to cry out to the Father that the heart be released and the soul be free from the power of the tormenting demons.

Standing and watching in this place, indeed it felt like a God forsaken place, a place void of life, light and freedom.  I cried out to the father, “Please help and heal the heart of the nation and free the soul of Hillary Clinton.  Please Father, bring both freedom and release from this place of torment and entrapment.”

immediately the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “Daughter, My hands have been tied by the unforgiveness in the hearts of the people.

Daughter, only the power of forgiveness will reverse the curse that has ravaged the land.  Only mercy will unlock and break the chains that keep the two bound together.”

Suddenly the anointing came upon me and I began to prophesy:  “Forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness will reverse the curse that has ravaged the land.

Mercy, mercy, mercy will now break the chains the have kept the heart of the nation and the soul of Hillary Clinton bound together.

I declare release, relief and manifest blessings, manifest blessings, manifest blessings over the land, sea and skies!”

Now, as the words went forth from my mouth, I saw a great light breaking forth through the deep darkness that surrounded the tormented heart of the nation and the soul of Hillary Clinton.  Then I watched as the tormenting demons began to scatter.

I listened as they screamed and shrieked, fleeing in 1000 different directions.  I watched as the steel chains began to break and shattered.  Then I saw the hand of God begin to move upon the soul of Hillary Clinton – the chains began to break,

I watched as His hand moved upon the land.  Then it moved upon the sea and then it moved across the skies.  The atmosphere of darkness, death and destruction that once covered and bound both the heart of the nation and the soul of Hillary Clinton together, began to break, shift and lift.

Then I heard these words, “A new sound and a new song shall now be heard across this land.  The sound of a new day dawning and the song of a victorious army arising, for a new Kingdom age has come.”

Now as I came out of this powerful encounter, I heard the words of a song that I have heard many times with my wee daughter in this last year, the song is called, “Let it go, let it go!”

I submit that God is calling the nation to, “Let it go, let it go,” and as the power of true forgiveness and mercy goes forth, then His hand will move to bless, heal, restore, revive and redeem the heart of the nation that has been ravaged by the hand of the enemy.

And I submit that as true forgiveness and mercy goes forth, then the chains that have kept Hillary Clinton bound to her tormentors and to the heart of the nation will be broken, and the hands of God can finally be released to bring forth justice, vindication and victory for the people of this great nation.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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The Heart of America- Bound to Hillary Clinton — 3 Comments

  1. May the Holy Spirit carry forth forgiveness and delievrance to our country and to Ms Clinton. As I was reading your post I could see Why her being set apart is important at this time, thank you.

  2. The church of America needs to seek forgiveness from our Lord. We need to walk humbly with our God and let Him heal our hearts and our nation. Pray for all involved in this election cycle including our current sitting president. We have a choice – darkness or light; hate or love.

  3. ADONAI, bring it to pass now, for the destruction is rampart,in the land!! In JESUS Name, Amen