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Trust Me. Just Trust Me! — 3 Comments

  1. It is so comforting to hear these words… Father, I run to you for the shelter of your arms of protection is the only place of peace.  Thank you for loving me so .

  2. I thank you Abba, for your words of comfort to me. I thank you you are speaking to me , in my now. I praise you on high. I am confident you will bring me out of the pit to the palace. I know I am being tested. I know thou are with me, in everything. I am leaning on you as a little child. I hear you speaking to me. I know that all is well, for you are well pleased with me. I take delight in your words. I have endured difficult things, no one could have endured, if it had not been for the Lord. I am trusting, and will continue to remain steadfast in you.
    This is a testing of my faith. I am an overcomer in all things. I have you there. I can not fail. Success is assured for me. I wear the crown.
    I love you. I give you thanks and praises. Amen.

  3. Words of comfort to me. I praise you Abba, on high. I thank you for your words of life speaking to me, it lifts me higher and higher. I know this is not always easy, and yes I am in a pit for now, I don’t like it, it is not easy, yet in spite of it all I know that I know this is a testing of my faith. I will overcome all difficulties, for you have allowed these things. I am an overcomer in you, my eyes are upon you. I trust you in all things. I know thou are with me. I know you will bring me out better than before. I know you are with me in all things. This is just a test of my faith in you.
    I choose to remain steadfast and strong in the power of your might. I will get through this with the confidence I have in you. I will endure as I have been, for I am strong in you. I’m leaning on you, as a little child.
    I love you and give you thanks and praises as you are leading me into all truth. Amen !

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