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The High Holy Days and Repentance — 2 Comments

  1. Your testimony is so similar to mine that I felt the Lord’s encouragement within me through the gift of your dream!!
    Thank you for sharing this with us Robin, I believe there are many experiencing these types of trials who desperately needed to hear it!!
    God bless you beautiful lady!! :)

  2. Oh heavens, I’m in tears as I feel this speaks to me My ex-husband told so many cruel lies about me that people in my town would not look at me.  These were people I worked with.
    They never heard my side of the story or that our marriage counselor told me he was narcissistic. Then my brother also shouted things at me that were NOT true.  My cousins text me mean things as well. I’ve often felt alone, but held my head high knowing that I and God know the truth.That God knows my heart. I don’t deserve any of it.
    My husband (at the time) about 3 years into marriage told me he just found out he had a 15 yr old daughter (I knew in my heart that he knew about her birth, but ignored her). She and I were got close. We even told each other we loved each other. I was excited to be a step mother. She confided in me that she knew he abandoned her.  I never said anything against him to her even if I was angry with him.  I told her “I wasn’t there at the time. That’s something you would want to talk to your parents about. But I can tell you this… every time you visit us and then have to return home, he gets depressed.He does love you”. He was jealous of our relationship. So who knows what he told her.

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