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The King of Glory Is Clothing You! — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you Deborah for the Lord’s encouragement and messages. Bless you!  I have a special prayer request for my 13 year old daughter.  She has been suffering from anxiety, depression, moodiness and suicidal thoughts.  She has been really struggling for two years despite out pt intensive therapies and seeing various councilors.  She has failed two years of school.  My heart aches to watch her struggle. I am concerned for her well being and future.  I want to see her happy, confident and whole. I humbly ask for all your prayers for mental health healing for my daughter.  Thank you!!!  God bless

  2. So excited with all that God is pouring out in this hour, yes there is going to be judgment and destruction as evil is purged from the earth. But out of the darkness comes revival salvation healing to the masses who are crying out, God is positioning and preparing His remnant to bring Home a vast Harvest GET READY GET READY GET READY IT GOING TO GET REALLY GOOD!

  3. Thank you Deborah, this encouragement is desperately needed in this hour.
    I send some of your posts to a friend of mine, she’s been hit so hard by the enemy, all she does is cry. She’s living in a private hell behind a smiling mask. I’m more grateful than words can say for the Father’s vessels of encouragement in this dark hour.
    My God!! My God thank You!!

  4. Oh yes, the Lord said He is going to do something in our day we would not believe even if we were told.The light of the world is coming to amaze the world and use those who love Him more than anyone or anything. Thank you for sharing all the words that our Beloved gives you to share with those who long to hear what He has to say to His people. Love, Joyce

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