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The LORD is Gathering His Warrior Eagles — 6 Comments

  1. So get this, I live in Minnesota, and the other day I was telling a dear friend and a beautiful soul (also a fellow eagle lover) about all of the incredible eagle stuff happening to me, she’s amazed because she’s also been having very cool eagle encounters. But she told me something I wasn’t aware of. She said isn’t it so sad that for a couple years we haven’t seen any eagles? And I agreed, my brother up North was seeing them everywhere but here in the cities we weren’t…evidently they’d been poisoned and many had died!!! But the Wildlife Rescue had saved and healed many of them and released them back into the wild…they’re literally everywhere!!!!
    Wow!!! Isn’t God incredible!! There’s a family of three very close to my home and they circle together over the suburb I’m in!!
    So HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!
    I love love love this post beautiful lady, I can’t wait to send it to my friend!!
    God bless you!!

  2. I woke up on the morning of Ash Wednesday 2023 just as dawn was breaking, there was a
    silhouette of a cloud against the sky that was in the shape of a huge eagle about to grab it’s prey.  I remember Feeling like today’s a brand New day, like a second chance at life, life renewed, starting fresh, the old is gone, the New is here!!!
    He’s been showing me many eagles lately sometimes they come real low and close to our home.
    Time to soar‼️

  3. Oh YES Deborah!
    Here is something interesting for you…
    Next door had died. And I prayed for more warrior eagles to move in as I am only one here, except for a fledgling (shown to me in vision by “Elijah” as a golden eagle with a nest of four eggs and one egg has hatched, so three more to come)
    So I lit a candle outside of this neighbours house and prayed for them despite the pain they caused.
    As I went to go into my home, up in the dark cloudy night sky was a light patch, with what looked like the batman call sign. Except it was eagle wings as if coming into land. The spot I saw this was above where I was shown vision of nest. Isnt that amazing Deborah…

    Warrior Eagles come…let us do the Work for our Aird Ri Iosa …we need to prepare and be ready


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