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The LORD is Mighty in Your Midst! — 1 Comment

  1. There may be thorns around you,
    But they shall not touch you.
    I am longing for more—
    yet how could I take more?

    1I am truly his rose,
    the very theme of his song.
    I’m overshadowed by his love,
    like a lily growing in the valley!
    The Shepherd-King
    2Yes, you are my darling companion.
    You stand out from all the rest.
    For though the thorns surround you,
    you remain as pure as a lily,
    more than all others.
    The Shulamite
    3My beloved is to me
    the most fragrant apple tree—
    he stands above the sons of men.
    Sitting under his grace-shadow,
    I blossom in his shade,
    enjoying the sweet taste of his pleasant, delicious fruit,
    resting with delight where his glory never fades.
    4Suddenly, he transported me into his house of wine—
    he looked upon me with his unrelenting love divine.
    5Revive me with your raisin cakes.
    Refresh me again with your apples.
    Help me and hold me, for I am lovesick!
    I am longing for more—
    yet how could I take more?

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