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The LORD Kept Me Reading for Weeks — 4 Comments

  1. The story of humanity and of Jesus and Our Scroll of 7 Seals is quite a long story. This passage has been quite a sum-up, I agree. Thank you, Lord. Thank you brother Ken.

  2. Dear Mr. Dewey: This is a very important message for all of us. What I am getting is this:
    The Lord Jesus i returning for His bride and is preparing us to do the greater works than He did because of the need in this coming season.  He is the only way to the Father and many are confused and going the wrong way. He said if you love me keep my commands.  If His creation loved Him we would not be in the condition we are.  I pray the Holy Spirit would be poured out soon so that repentance would come and many would know the Lord before it is too late. I am praying the remnant would not be few but that many would come to the knowledge of the Lord Jesus.  I rejoice to see many read this posting for it is very beautiful and many are missing it.  The Lord is speaking loud in this hour and we need to listen and obey.  Thank you for your obedience and many blessings to you and family!!!

  3. I have camped out in John 14, 15, & 16 many times in my life. These chapters came alive to me when I read them as if the LORD was talking directly into my life. Face to face! When you read the words in red as if He is there saying them only to you. Looking you in the eyes. You get to feel the power, the sincerity, and the truth of HIS words. They are ALIVE. Blessings & courage in Jesus’ name.

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