The Lord, Stirred Up Their Spirit


Many said, it was not the time; and they were not ready to put forth the great effort it would take to do the rebuilding.  The Word of the Lord came through the prophet Haggai; God’s people were to “consider your ways,” (Haggai 1:7). The temple of God, was to be restored and He said, do it now. It did not matter if the people were ready to do it or not.  He stirred up the leadership, including the high priest; and He stirred up the people.  There was a remnant there; God was going to use, what He had.

I read something in this book that I didn’t really see at first.  It sort of didn’t make sense; until I slowed down and read it again.  It was in the verse that says,

“Then spake Haggai, the Lord’s messenger, in the Lord’s message, unto the people,”   Haggai 1:13, emphasis added.

He was not speaking his own message, or what he wanted to say to the people.  It says he was speaking, in the “Lord’s” message.  Christ taught his disciples, that when they went forth, even though they would stand before magistrates, not to worry about what they were going to say.  He said that the Holy Ghost, would speak through them.  And He did.

Many of us were taught by some very powerful and spiritual men and women of our time.  Much reference, was made to the fact that the glory of the latter house, would be greater than the former house.  It is yet being declared, that the latter rain, will be even greater, than the early rain.  It must be stated again, that many will use verses in the Old Testament to promote their own beliefs and purposes; being in denial about the fact that the Word of God, is alive.  We need to recall, that we uphold some prophecies made then, for our end time now.  Many of us were taught, that so many things that were about the natural then, could also apply to the spiritual now.

To be sure, these people, began to bring back and restore, what had been there before.  God stirred them up.  And as always, I am impressed, when it says,  “And the people, did fear the Lord.”

I am also moved, about another comment the Lord spoke through His prophet, to those who were doing the work. “The silver is mine, and the gold is mine,” Haggai 2:8.  It seems to me, that He was reminding the people, that it was His house; not theirs.  They were to rebuild it the way He wanted it to be; not by some other design, of mere men.

We, are now the temple of the Holy Ghost; it’s in the hearts of men today for those who have received it.  There are those of us now, who are convinced, that yet a remnant of God’s people today, is going to arise to do the work in this hour.  There are those in the leadership, and most certainly in the pew also, that God is going to stir up, just as He did those of Haggai’s day.  These are they that are going to help restore, the things God set in the church.

There is a great remnant, many that have been forgiven, who are outside the walls.  They have been restored, by the same One, who said He would gather them himself.  Rebuilt, by the Master Shepherd.

This prophet, spoke more word’s from God, that many of us are also believing today. “I will shake the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and the dry land, and all nations,”  Haggai 2;6-7a.

Regardless of how many times God did that in the past, it is quite evident to those who are watching, that He has already begun the same now; in our time.  His only Son, when He was here, told us what to expect in these closing days.

He also said, that after the tares and they that offend are removed, that His kingdom would shine forth, bright as the sun, (Matthew 13:43).  We don’t really have what the early church had, and in some places, we don’t even have, what we did have.  But He has begun to stir people’s spirits.

To be sure, the work, will get done.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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