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The LORD Will Amaze You — 4 Comments

    A scene in the movie “Paradise Road” shows our land.
    Okay, there could be 3 coincidences, but 10 coincidences? 
    1. Christian theme “Paradise Road”
    2. The scene shows prisoners of war (sinners)
    3. The scene shows a “road,” is associated with the title
    4. The scene shows a vehicle (ministry)
    5. The movie was filmed in Australia and I am Australian
    6. Cate Blanchett, an Australian, featured in the movie
    7. It is based on actual events
    8. Australian actor in the movie sang in our church
    9. Australian director
    10.There was a battle between light and dark.
    Our house was causing glare so the cinematographer
    covered the house with camouflage netting


  2. That is why you are called Jehovah cause what you say you will do is what you will do. Thank you Jesus for you never stop amazing me!Thank you pastor Reinke

  3. God morning servant of God,
    I thank God for using to minister to his people.

    My name is Sally am saved and i love God so much. Am asking God for a mentorship to receive deep, detailed and accurate prophecy in the name of Jesus.

    May God bless you.

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