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The LORD’s Golden Eagles — 11 Comments

  1. A great teaching this morning! Thank you for your God inspired words. I had never thought about the Eagles molting process. That was a reminder from our Lord and brings more meaning and revelation to Psalm 103!

  2. To God be all the glory, I pray to be one of these golden eagles in the name Yahushua hamashiach Amein.

  3. O, Sister Deborah, I remember my molting season, I remember studying about the eagle molting (I am a grey haired one) .  I was molting into who I am now< I suppose. Funny you should say that during that season, one is dependent on others feeding one; yes, I was seeing counselors that were Christian, a psychiatrist that was a Christian, leaning on Family Radio and other Pastors, and now that season is over. And yes, I am separated, and at time perhaps too "alone", but then it is true that others cannot come on my journey to the supernatural where I am called to dwell.  Thank you sister Deborah, to God be the glory great things He is doing.  Thank you for such a "confirming and affirming word" for me at this time. I receive it.!

  4. I am a person young in age, but who had always felt like an “old soul” and on the “outs” with others of the younger generation.

    But i know The Holy Spirit is coming to reassure me and lift me up.  Know that i am are His; not of this world.

    So i talked to two or three teenagers yesterday, coz Sudden foot injury due to accident,I’m there ,so to help them,and shared Jesus with them, and prayed for their healing,

    Lord i need you !Holy Spirit I need you to teach me ,in supernatural evangelism how it work so that, God your manifest your presence . And i can hear your voice do the work of planting and reaping and lead people to you Jesus.Amen !

  5. Amen!
    A word in season for Me describing everything going on in my life and even the new beginning.
    Be blessed beyond measure sister
    You are beautiful
    Praise The living Jesus

  6. “La mia Unzione spezza ogni giogo”
    Così sia!!!

    [ HKP : Google Translate : “”My Anointing Breaks Every Yoke” So be it!!!” ]

  7. Again, my dear Sister, it is you, who the Lord has chosen to speak into my life. I am so very grateful that you continue to be a willing vessel unto our Lord.
    You have never failed me, Jesus, though I have failed You. Miserably and often! But those days are dead and gone and this new creation, is rising up!
    Lisa, derived from Elizabeth (Elisheva) meaning: “God is my oath.”

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