The Lost Vineyard


I sat in a denominational type church today, and heard a minister give one of the most profound messages I have ever heard.  I won’t say what kind of church it was; because it doesn’t matter.  What he spoke about, does.  The texts read were from the book of Isaiah and Matthew.  It was astounding to hear what the Spirit wanted to say there. It was a story about a vineyard; how a lot of hard work had gone into building up this beautiful place.  Everything that was needed was done to it, and put there with great care.  The builder, had designed the very best.

In the Old text, when harvest time came, wild grapes came on the vine; they were worthless.  The builder asked, how can this be; what more could have been done to my vineyard; how could it turn out like this.  He ordered the entire vineyard destroyed; for the clouds not to rain on it and for briers and thorns to take it over.  Another man in the New text, did the same thing; built a wonderful vineyard with everything it might need to be productive.  He rented it out to tenant farmers, for a share of the harvest when the grapes ripened and went on a trip out of the country.  When he returned, he sent his servants to pick up his part of the harvest.  More than once, the tenants beat the masters servants and gave him nothing. He even sent his own beloved son; they killed his son.  They knew that this son would inherit the fine vineyard, and they wanted it all for themselves; like it was theirs.

What struck me so profoundly, was what the religious leaders said, when Jesus asked them what the Lord of the vineyard would do when he came.  They answered, those tenants will be destroyed, and the Lord who owned the place, would let it out to others, that it might produce as he intended.  When the religious elders perceived that Jesus was talking about them, they said no, no, it cannot be given to others.  They wanted to destroy our Lord for saying that to them.  I heard this minister tell his people; this vineyard has now been given to us to build and produce what the Master wants done with it.  He asked, what will we do with it; will we bring forth precious fruit that the Lord is pleased with, or will we do as those before us have done.  I heard, the message.  Must He give our place, to others.

God will complete the work He wants done in this Earth; nothing or no force of any kind, can prevent what He has planned to do.  The Master of the harvest, will reap what He planted here.  Can we say, that the fields have been worked, as He instructed his people to do.  Jesus Christ will come back for His church, His bride.  And it’s going to be exactly the way He wants it.  I feel, He’s not coming back, until it is.  Someone is going to do the work; the harvest must be gathered; but the day is far spent.  I was reminded of the words of a song written many years back, “It seems my children, all, want to stay around my table, but no one, wants to work in my field.”  Either we produce and gather the harvest, or He will use others.


Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn




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  1. Romans 15:6 (NLT)
    6 Then all of you can join together with one voice, giving praise and glory to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.