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The Mantle of Your Double Portion — 3 Comments

  1. tears
    thank YOU LORD
    For YOUR Great Caring Love
    Strength Encouragement Guidance
    Counsel Healings Protection
    Refreshing as YOU Know
    How much it is ‘Needed by us
    May we bring YOU Glory
    What a powerful deeply meaningful
    strengthening spirit touching
    Encouraging Uplifting Word of this
    Whole Word
    Bless Deborah Mightily however whenever
    She needs

    “”My End Time Warriors shall wear My Mantle of Glory. 
    They bow down in humility
    to pick up this Mantle of Grace.””

  2. This is so Good Deborah!!
    He spoke to me one morning many months back that I would receive a Double Portion for all I’ve endured, hallelujah!!
    I’m searching the Spirit today for the Revelation of His Power to get me there so that I can rest in His ability and not my own!! This is much easier said than done, but it helps to know that the Author is also the Finisher!!! :D
    You’ve been such a blessing to me beautiful lady, thank you!! :)

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