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The Modern term for Heart — 3 Comments

  1. Dear Jim I always look forward to your articles, they are rich, deep, mature words of a man walking with God.  This word also reminds me of youtube videos I’ve watched by pastor Jim Richards.  I dont disagree with anything you’ve said but at same time I do not want to sin.  Much of this subconscious mind teaching has been taken over by new age teaching.  I’m not accusing you of preaching new age but to be honest I’m struggling and trying desperately to learn.  Finacially I’ve lost everything in life.  I have no job, no wife, home, kids, money anything and I feel I’ve tried everything.  I’ve forgiven/blessed my enemies, I’ve confessed my sins/repented.  I’ve spoken God’s word daily over my life.  I’ve bound and loosed.  I’ve sewed and named my seed.  I’ve visited pastors for counsel. And nothing, I mean nothing has worked, I am impoverished, desperate.  So I read your article with interest as I think there is a difference between consciously confessing God’s promises and experiencing it in the subconscious.  Yet I do not want to sin as many new agers preach same thing.  For example hypnosis is designed to bypass your conscious mind and get your subconscious mind to accept what is said.  But many have told me hypnosis is a sin.  Anyway I need help but ways that may help previous pastors called sin.  But what I’ve tried in past-simply isn’t working.  I do not doubt God’s word, he is not a liar but I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.

  2. I wish I could sit at your feet to learn–your posts are always so deep like a man who has maturity in faith.  Thank you for sharing