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The Month of September – Prepare Yourselves! — 5 Comments

  1. We are about the enter the sixth Biblical month [around September 2nd], it is the month of Elul and is a month [40 days] of repentance leading up to the Fathers Appointed times [feast days] of Yom Kippur [Day of Atonement / Judgement].  This is the second of the Fall feasts.  The first is Yom Teruah, 10 days before Yom Kippur, and it is a day of Blowing the Shofar [Trumpet] and making a joyful noise unto יהוה Yehôvâh God!  This feast day will fall somewhere between October 1st and 3rd, pending the sighting of the seventh month’s new moon. 

    INDEED “The shofar horn is blowing ~prepare yourself for the things to come!”

    INDEED “Judgment will begin with the house of God, those who are bringing a reproach upon the bride of Christ by living contrary to the word of God; such as the false prophets and other evil workers in the body of Christ who are refusing to turn away from their wicked ways.”

    INDEED “He is going to bring correction to those who are offending HIS people by walking in error and are refusing to set things right based upon the word of God.  So, it behooves us all who have an aught (committed other offenses) against his or her brother to go to that person and to set things right.”

    INDEED “Our nation and our Churches have failed to listen to both the people and failed to follow good counsel and wisdom [HIS Word]”

    However, I am not sure on the Nimrod being black comment, but the POTUS has done EVERYTHING in his power, even using executive orders to remove the “Godly” beginnings of this once GREAT country!  And I totally agree that יהוה Yehôvâh God NEVER intended for His people to be under one world leadership; unless it was HIM as the KING of Kings and LORD of Lords over us all!

  2. “many who have walked in error and unbelief who have played church, will begin to wonder why it is that “grace” is not working”

    You don’t bring fear, but truth!
    There is only grace through obedience.

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