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  1. 08/20/2021
    I had a dream with the northern lights. It was happening in the middle of the night. It was something that I was contemplating driving through and I received counsel (from someone I knew) to not drive during it because of the thunderstorm that was going to happen during this time, as well as the animals and different types that the “aurora” would attract to the streets. There’s more that I saw. If you have an interpretation please email me.

  2. Thank you the colors of glory meaning it has been an blessing in an mystery gift of praising the Lord NEW worship as lighting in some worship video seem to tell more than lighting shows and this new light in many places now under the radar love

  3. Hello Jo Ellen,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to put this up. If you didn’t, I probably won’t find any good biblical interpretation. Today, March 6th,2021, I had a dream where someone (I didn’t know him) was showing me an aurora through the window. We even had to stand on a stool in the living room while he pointed it to me and told me the name and even told me how to pronounce. It was a very beautiful sight of different colours in the sky but other than the aurora, every where else was dark outside.

    I will like to connect with you through [redacted]. Please kindly write me back. Thanks.

  4. I shown a dream about the northern lights on this day 2/11/2020. I live in Nigeria; heard nothing about this before. I saw sailors at sea at night and looking with dread at the sky at the seeming appearance of what a voice called the northern lights to me. I did a search and was led here! Thank you for yielding to the Lord! I do close study of these things shared here! The Lord is about to do something on earth in these moments; I’m the third witness this year as seen in this comment section. Glory to God!

  5. I was Led here I had a dream that needs interpretation involving the Aurora a verse was shown in my dream please help me understand it . Please email me back I believe it was from God I need to understand it email magdalenagamez@outlook.com 7/24/2020 is the date of the dream

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