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The One Night I Ignored The Warning of God! — 8 Comments

  1. Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Mary, I agree with Elizabeth..what a great tract or pamphlet! YES! SO GOOD!. I will share for sure, especially to a few in my family who think it is just harmless getting and giving treats. Love and blessings, my friend. Sandi

    • It’s a very subtle and slippery slope. The lures are everywhere! We aren’t to be priggish or arrogant about our desire to stay clean in spiritual things, but graciously declining to engage is a true example of having nothing to do with the works of darkness. I truly want more light and the truth of Jesus!

  2. Thank you Mary, for taking the time to not only share your testimony- but supply the scriptures. With Halloween at this time of year, if only parents, teachers, would believe the truth of God’s Word. Even merchants – stores decorate for this. Praying your timely post goes far and wide to reach many.

    Just wondering – have you ever thought of putting this testimony in a “tract or pamphlet form”? This testimony should be in schools and supermarket shelves. It’s not too long to read, the message is clear, it’s backed w/ scripture. Saying a prayer now the Lord uses your experience to help redeem many. God bless you.

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