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The Pieces Will Come Together to Fulfill Your Kingdom Destiny — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you so much Pastor June.  Your words are ALWAYS so Inspiring & encouraging! Yes God uses the Foolish things to Confound the Wise & speaks in so many ways.. Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear are able to discern what Holy Spirit is saying. I So Receive This for my life as All things are Falling in Pleasant Places… SHALOM!

  2. Thank you June your vision resonates with what God dropped into my spirit today. So many random events, paths, options lie strewn before us. Except they’re not random. God is bringing each piece “to work together for our good”…we must hold onto our Vision, given us by God, as we won’t get all the pieces at once. Only where there’s vision will we recognize the pieces. Let those who have ears to hear, hear and take heart. We are on the “path of totality” so pay attention. Fullness is coming.

  3. Wisdom is given to those who seek it and ask for it. Critism of a servant of God doesn’t fall under wisdom…perhaps religiousness. This I say with alot of love…sis karola..leave correction to God

  4. My first thoughts while reading this: Someone has purposely laid out these “signs”. This is also a sort of men-made manipulations. Some have watched / observed your daily walks. I know these “signs”. I do not want to write your thoughts down. It is ok what you think about the puzzle pieces. Oh my sister – please take care what is from the LORD, and what is staged by men. The only “thing” they can`t manipulate, are truly THE SIGNS IN HEAVEN. This is written in the Holy Bible for us, to look at.
    It is 12:00 just now. I always appreciate your articles, my loving sister June.

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