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The Power of His Presence Is Breaking You Out! — 6 Comments

  1. Veronica,
    Tears of comfort, encouragement, and joy streamed down my face as I read this awesome word you received from the Lord. Thank you so very much for your faithful service to our Lord and for allowing Him to work through you to encourage and strengthen the Body of Christ. As I read this I kept thinking “this is me Lord.” I’ve been hindered and delayed and wandering around in the wilderness for so long and have so longed to advance forward into my destiny. Thanks be to God I receive this word and believe today He is moving me forward. All praise to our Lord, and blessings and thanks to you Veronica West.

  2. Before heading to the airport this early morning, my last words here are for YOU: Veronika, I am astonished in the mighty ways GOD uses you to encourage your brothers and sisters, and how He speaks to you in dreams and visions and through day and night. I still remember the prayer of your precious son, a few days ago before the US elections. Give him an extra hug and kiss from a German mother who lives in Switzerland since 2008. Blessings to Ireland !

  3. Hallelujah!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!! 

    Let Your Kingdom come!!!!!
    Let Your Will be done!!!!!
    On earth and in us as it is done in Heaven!!!!!

    I echo and endorse your prayer, brother Robear, re above prophecy!!!!!

    • Thank you my sister Paula Anne Lamont, for I am a she, not a he. Glory to our wonderful savior Jesus Christ. The Father, has indeed promise he would pour out his blessings in this hour, and it is upon us now.
      We are that end-time church, we are walking into the fullness in him greater works, greater manifestations is here, for we will do even greater than him, for we are called to show forth his power, and it shall be seen upon us, everwhere we go, signs, miracles, wonders to perform, the anointings will be so strong, it will draw his people to us, and he shall get the Glory. Yes, Yes, Yes, and Amen.

  4. This is so good, so good, so awesome good to me. I fully receive your words this day, it is mine, for for. I claim it in Jesus Mighty and glorious name, for this is my jubliee season of rejoicing for it is the promise spoken to me, it is my set time of favor, favor, favor, abundance, overflow, supernatural, manifestations, spoken to me.
    I am ready, to move forward into the promises. I am clothe in you in your righteousness, kingdom authority, crowned with favor, bring me into my promised land Daddy, a long awaited word now being made known in this season of my life, is now here this day.
    Thank you Veronika West, for sharing his words. Glory, I’m rejoicing.

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