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The Prodigals are coming home! — 3 Comments

  1. I love You, I love You, I love Father. I’m Your princess, Your daughter of Zion, Your precious Rose. You created me with the knowing of Your great plans so that Your will be done. I have a message for all Gods children. He says that all His CHOSEN should stop doubting and renew their FAITH for HE DOES EXIST and HE SEES YOUR HEART, The 7th seal has already been opened. Open ur eyes and see GODS MIRACLES.

  2. Its me, Gods daughter.  I’m Veronica. God says it time 2 stop hiding, I’ve always been here. GOD has great plans 4 HIS soldiers. So ladies prepare yourselves 2 show how strong u r. GOD has raised me up on His shoulders so that all may see that HE TRULY EXISTS. YES its true this is it. I THANK YOU FATHER 4 trusting me with ALL YOUR LOVE. U sent JESUS 2 Calvary 4 me.

  3. HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH We need MORE Prophetic Members in the Body stepping up as GOD SPOKE TO ELIJAH an told him to Speak an Decree an Declare as he did we Like FATHER, LIKE SON,GALATIONS 3:28,an MATTHEWS 10:41,I want to pray that all that GOD HAS LINED UP FOR U IN THE NATURALan SUPERNATURAL COMES WITHOUT hinderence Today Because of your Obedience FAITHFULNESS TO HIM,an I bind the works of the enemy an all demonic attacks in any shape form or fashionable way (GOD CONFIRMED right leg)be from the Eternally Lifted N Cast in to Outer Darkness an that your Path be made Straight an always favour goes before u an all your Steps R Ordered Strictly by the LORD JESUS,an that u Continue to Cry a Loud an Spare not,in JESUS NAME, from a PROPHET TO A PROPHET BLESDINGS TO U even when people don’t understand keep the faith in JESUS NAME

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