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The Prophetic Significance of Nine — and How It Speaks to The Nations — 7 Comments

  1. Veronika, I have followed you several years now and sense you are trustworthy. I would like to know how the Lord has led you regarding Queen Elizabeth II. I have had people tell me that she was part of the NWO. I do not get that sense and believe she was a Believer. I’m looking for confirmation so I can reprove these these people of false accusations!
    In Christ’s Love.

  2. This word resonates with me. I feel there is deep significance in Queen Elizabeth’s decision to remain in Scotland until her passing. She was a praying woman, and this action makes a stitch of connection between England and Scotland at a time of great challenge. A stitch in time, perhaps?

  3. Thank you for explaining the prophetic signifigance of the number 9.
    And on “Let My people Go! A Spiritual Showdown,” was so precise. Very much Spiritual truths and accuracy.

  4. I want to thank you for posting this Veronika.
    Things will never be the same.
    People are stuck in a system they don’t even know exists, I know this because so was I.
    Unlike Egypt, this deliverance is spiritual, but the result will be Heaven not just touching earth, but consuming it!!
    Oh my goodness, what a time to be alive!!
    His Blessing upon you this Day beautiful lady!!

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