The Remnant Re-Gathered


It’s not the first time.  I wonder if we might stop for a moment and listen to some things that Micah, said about his day.  He said that a darkness is coming upon these.

– – –   The heads thereof judge for reward
– – –   The priests thereof teach for hire
– – –   The prophets thereof divine for money

But as many have said, God always had a remnant.  He still does.

“Thus saith the Lord, concerning the prophets that make my people err, that bite with their teeth and cry Peace, and He that putteth not into their mouths, they even prepare war against them,”  Micah 3:5.

It seems that God’s people, were doing these things around the house of the Lord, in Micah’s day.  It was the same during the time of Jesus Christ on this earth.  And there is no way to deny, the very same things are happening among God’s people today.  I feel that there was a very dear price paid for us; the Holy Spirit is grieved.

When the wicked Jezebel and her team were seeking to destroy all of the prophets of the Lord, there was a remnant.  Obadiah, hid fifty in one cave, and fifty in another, and fed them bread and water; otherwise, they would not have survived.  No matter how evil and wicked things got on this place we call home, somebody, even if under cover, held on and continued a deep relationship with the Lord.  God has always brought this remnant, from the depths of great sorrow; persecution, betrayal and anguish.  He loves them.

There’s a lot going on in the church world today.  Many have had to flee, from harsh task masters, control masters and saints that did not have the fortitude to stand up against it.  Teaching people that they will be lost and won’t go to heaven, if you don’t stay at their place, is evil, and a gross mismanagement of the house of the Lord.

People are often so foolish.  To think that the Holy Ghost would fall on people, endow them with spiritual gifts, and just allow some man to kick them out, and leave those wounded, with no hope, is not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  It’s not Christ.

Right now, the Spirit is gathering once more, all those that fear the Lord, and still seek to follow Him.  I wonder where some got the idea, that the Holy Ghost could not reach and touch people, except they were inside some building.  Besides, we were told that we should all be out in the field anyway.  Was it not the head of His church, that said, the harvest is ripe, but I can’t find the laborers.  It does not sit well with some, that many that have been driven out, wounded and left for dead, are in that remnant.  Jesus, found them.

The Spirit knows them by their name, and He knows where to find each one.  And I understand, that there are those yet within some kind of wall, that God has reserved, and they will arise in due time.

God knows where people’s hearts are; He sees their broken heart over those who are lost, and no one searches for them.  That, is soon to change.

The Spirit, did not give His gifts, and them not be used.  As the Angels begin to take out the tares and all the others that offend, out of Christ’s kingdom, a remnant will remain.  And then, as Christ said, His kingdom, will shine forth, like the sun.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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