Medical Breakthrough – a Prophecy Confirmation


Today Bev sent me this following article: “New breakthroughs in stem cell therapy” by  Silvia Fernandez of Pioneer News.

From Wikipedia:
“Mesenchymal STEM cells, or MSCs, are multipotent STROMAL cells that can differentiate into a variety of cell types, [1] including: osteoblasts (bone cells), [2] chondrocytes (cartilage cells), [3] myocytes (muscle cells) [4] and adipocytes (fat cells).  This phenomenon has been documented in specific cells and tissues in living animals and their counterparts growing in tissue culture.”

New breakthroughs in stem cell therapy

“A research published in the journal Stem Cell Reports says that researchers at University of Toronto have developed hydrogel, a jelly like substance, which can prove to be the ideal medium that can help stem cells survive in the body and repair injured tissue.

Medical research has recently been focusing on stem cell therapy, especially in the field of tissue regeneration, because stem cells have the capability to turn into any other type of tissue, and have the potential to even completely cure brain and nerve injuries. But they often do not survive when they are injected into the body.

When researchers developed hydrogel they found that it was a good medium to transport stem cells. But the new study revealed that because of a component called hyaluronan, it also promotes repair.


In the study, stem cell-derived photoreceptor cells were injected into the retina (pictured),
leading to improved eyesight. Photo: © University of Toronto

For the first part of the study, researchers injected blind mice with photoreceptors (grown from stem cells stems cells) encased in hydrogel and found that it helped stem cells not only survive but also repair injury. Dr. Brian Ballios says “After cell transplantation, our measurements showed that mice with previously no visual function regained approximately 15% of their pupillary response. Their eyes are beginning to detect light and respond appropriately”.

For the second part of the study, neural stem and progenitor cells were injected into brains of mice that had suffered strokes. And researchers observed improvement in their motor coordination. Study leader, Molly Shoichet says “This study goes one step further, showing that the hydrogels do more than just hold stem cells together; they directly promote stem cell survival and integration. This brings stem-cell based therapy closer to reality.”

Researchers also say that after delivering stem cells to the specified destination, the hydrogel dissolves and is reabsorbed in the body within a few weeks.”

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This is a CONFIRMATION for a portion of the 1 January 2015 article:A Word for 2015: Nesting Tables.

For your convenience, the relevant portion of the article is copied below:

“The Lord said: “Stromal cells” I looked it up here… Stro·ma (strō′mə) n. Pl. Stro·ma·at (-mə-tə): The connective tissue framework of an organ, a gland, or other structure, as distinguished from the tissues performing the special function of the organ or part.

The Lord said…
“There will be advancement this year in stromal cell research that will change the methodology in medicine for treating many kinds of problems.  This will transform medicine in ways that have before this time have kept people from healing naturally.  Now simple frameworks for working with cell tissues will cause great strides in treatment of serious bone and joint problems and many other tissues.”

Impression I had was, Just as that in the physical often parallels the spiritual, there will be an explosion of His healing power as well.”


~ Priscilla

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