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  1. Chris, your message reminded me of my trance vision from God. Sometimes, God leads my soul to a different dimension of time. Usually, it is related to the near future. As I remember, it occurred early this year, and I have struggled/prayed with what God showed me since then. And I suppose that due to the prayer, I ended up falling into the biggest hardship I had never had before. In the state of trance, my soul was lifted by Holy Spirit and flew toward somewhere with angels like a rocket. The sky through which I was flying was dark on the whole. I flew for some time, and finally, my soul arrived in a kind of feast, which looked like something of the medieval time. I observed people there by the side. Judging from their outfits, they looked like generals and high-ranking soldiers, who were eating lots of food and drinks and celebrating their victory.

    Some were sitting on a higher place and others on a lower one. Walking out of the place, I came to see some women serving the men. Interestingly, they were in short skirts and a hat, which had two twinkling lamps:red and blue. My soul felt a little fear and hurried to fly to come back. While I was flying back like a rocket, I could see a long river running from the feast. My soul could feel it was a river of death. Suddenly, a man’s voice began shouting like singing, “Lutella, Lutella, Lutella.” The voice spread through the air louder and louder. My soul felt intimidated by the sound. After I woke up, I searched for the word “Lutella,” for I didn’t know about it. It was a kind of a jam, which was called “demon’s jam.” I thought about the feast. What was the feast about? What did the two lamps mean? I finally got an answer and started to pray to break them down. I believe you can guess what it is in your spirit.

    Though I had to go through a series of strange/fearful events in a row, I thank God that I learned a lot and got more strength from this. As for me, it was a long period like walking through a valley of death without no way. Through this process of life, I could not help changing my name. I couldn’t live with my old name anymore. Fortunately, God gave me a new name in 2014 through His prophetess in Korea. And my name was legally changed on July 25, 2023.(7/7/7) God comforted me. God is still helping me get out of this. I also thank people who prayed for me.  Glory to God.

  2. Chris, I have read these words more than one as I heard the Lord echo His word of warning to me. I kept hearing, “Remember this, my judgment begins with the house of the Lord’. He then went on to say, yes, I am removing the corrupt politicians and watch all the puppets fall with them. My heart is grieved as many fall into that category you laid out so well by calling out the nations that are ‘following the crowd’ of greed and corruption but know that I am arising and all my enemies shall be scattered to the four winds of justice. What a well stated warning, my brother. The fear of the Lord shall be spread throughout the world as we all stand still and see the actions of the living God carry out that warning!! Blessings, Chris for your obedient heart, Sandi

  3. Aroused by Israel’s declaration of War, I heard in a dream these words,

    All the Chieftains of the world will now give an account to Me.

    Yes, I will be sending an email to our new Leader, who still hasn’t stepped into his roll properly as Prime Minister, its become a coalition, 3 parties running our country NZ.

    Have Your way Papa, do it Your way.

  4. This goes for all the shepherds. Including pastors, ministers, fathers, husbands. I’ve been blowing the trumpet about this for two years. Jeremiah 23, Zachariah 11, Isaiah 34.

  5. Hi Chris, this is confirmation of what the Lord gave me this early morning before I saw your post.  He gave me the book of Micah – Isaiah 7:17-25 – Judgment to Come.  I was very grieved to read the whole book.  We need to pray for the nations like never before.  Thank you for sharing the Word of the Lord.  Many blessings and hugs to you and your lovely family.

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