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  1. Thank you precious Lord Jesus. Dear Jim :) Thank you for teaching. Sound teaching, tendering, warning, cleansing, feeding is crucial. I can share this with you. (Shortened)
    I walked with all my strength in determined obedience, I said to God, “I only go there because I know You sent me there, the mocking is so hard I can hardly walk on my way, why are they like that? I do not understand”. He said, “Smile”! “Yes” I said, but my face hang downward and my body was so heavy I had to drag my feet with me. “Smile”! “Yes Father” still weighed down. He nudged me affectionately on my left albow three times saying, “Smile, smile, smile, you are Mine”! Suddenly I was filled with the Holy Spirit I breathed in and jumped up. I was now running and jumping to the place He had sent me. When I got there, I was so jolly, they looked at me and then I could see their thoughts, “Why is she so happy, maybe she does not even know we hate her”. I could see their feelings, plans, intentions in fact their being was wide open to me. I was completely sober-minded. I passed by them and I saw all they had been through since their childhood and I now understood why they acted as they did to me, and I felt great love for them now. On my way back, I saw their future. Later I asked my Father, “Why did I see all that” He answered, “You did ask”.
    Since the explanation, I have been clothed. When not knowing what to pray for and how, I speak in tongues.
    I was blessed the other day and He touched me so I was healed more of my natural mourning. God bless you dearly. Lucia Ludvigsen