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The Russian Anaconda War Strategy — 5 Comments

  1. I would like to contact Victoria West concerning a prophecy of 28 March 2018…urgent Word for South Africa. Devine dismanteling of strongholds will take placein GATEWAY CITIES. you mention 10 cities but only refer to Cape town. I would like to know the names of the other cities. Blessings Cindy v Staden. Springs SA

  2. I am frequently reminded of the scripture that says, “The people perish for lack of knowledge.” Now I understand that there is a spiritual component to this, but I have observed during these past few years especially that there is also a natural component, as far too many of us are ignorant of the enemy’s machinations which impact all areas of our lives.  Lord wake us up!  Open our eyes to You, Your purposes, Your plans and expose those of the enemy.

  3. Given the last 6 years of media bashing of President Trump which enabled the last 2 years of media censorship and lies about the Covid narrative I would posit that we are currently in a complete media “blackout” of truth. In order to understand the Russian-Ukraine situation one needs the whole story, not just sound bites.  Please view this rumble video by Nikita Mikhalkov, https://rumble.-nikita-mikhalkov-rise-of-nazism-in-ukraine.html English subtitles.  All confirmed by real journalists such as Eva Bartlett and Prof Professor John Mearscheimer. George Webb that confirms with Russia https://t.me/s/rusembc the US-Ukraine bio-labs which were scrubbed from the US site.

    The mistake the church makes is not comprehending what is of God’s kingdom and what is the other kingdom. Because the deep state has told you that Russia is a threat what does the Father say? Interpreting prophecy without a geo-political understanding and discernment puts his people fighting what He is doing. Pray for both nations peoples that His will be done because they all belong to Him.

  4. I would draw your attention to a prophecy given by Mark Taylor in 2016, which is also about President Putin, and which was published on this site:

    It says that President Putin, as well as President Trump, would be used to fight “the Elite, the Globalists, and the Illuminati”. I believe this is now happening in the Ukraine today, although the mainstream media which serves the Elite, the Globalists, and the Illuminati, would not want you know about it.

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