The Season For Great Eagles!


Here I am lord, take me as you find me…!

The cry of my heart today is;

“LORD take me as I am,
take me deeper,
take me further,
take me higher,
take me wider,
take me over,
take me through,
take me in,
take me out,
take my mind,
take my heart,
take my hands,
take my feet,
take my voice,
take my dreams,
take my visions,
take my hopes,
take my ambitions,
take my deepest desires,
take my wants,
take my needs,
take my fears and doubts,
take my discouragement’s and regrets,
take my weaknesses and my strengths,
take my gifts and my talents,
take my failures and shortcomings,
take my pain and my sorrows,
take my past,
take my present, take my future,
take my life lord and let be fully,
totally and completely consecrated and surrendered to thee”!

I hear the Spirit says, “My beloved it is only in the place of deeper intimacy with My Spirit that you will experience the intensity of My Restoration Power and Revival Fire.

Come closer and be drawn into the dance of destiny with Me, for I have called you by name.

I have created you for the deeper mysteries of My Glory.

Listen for the gentle whisper of My Voice that calls you to come up higher, and enter into the place where My eternal love and kindness can restore your soul and renew your strength,” says God.

“Beloved it is time to leave the nest of familiarity and safety, for now deep calls to deep.

It is the season for My great eagles to fly higher and fly further.

It is time for My great eagles to catch the wind of My Spirit and soar above and see beyond the place of limitation and confinement, for I AM taking you to a place called increase, abundance and overflow,” says God.

“See, I have set up a ladder in the midst of you, a ladder that leads to the unlimited resources of My Kingdom, a ladder that leads to the eternal treasures of My Goodness and Glory.

Beloved, have I not promised to give you every place that the sole of your feet would tread upon?”  says God.

“Arise mighty warriors and walk in the land through its length and breadth, for I give it to you, now I call you my dangerous ones, anointed to take dominion of the land!”


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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