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  1. Praise Yahweh, Thank You Lord for your Grace and Mercy, The Crucible of The Cross;
    I Pastor Deborah, have been befuddled, and worn down to simply nothing,crushed and broken for weeks,and months. (9months) Most recently I’ve
    been in an excruciating “Labor and Delivery” stage and in need of direction. At the park,_
    After meditating in The Word, Psalms 30, Prayerfully walking,.At Approx.11:10 Central time, here in N.W. AR, I stood quietly, and spoke, declared what i heard in my spirit, “I AM Bringing you Back.”
    I was then directed to open,.and read your Prophecy about an half hour later. Hallelujah! Thanks for the Encouraging Word, and confirmation! May Many Blessings abound towards you-Sis.Deborah!,
    Plzz be praying for me as The Holy Spirit Directs, as i step out in faith, while looking for more precise directives! Preparation, My faith, wrought with my works.
    Thank You, Shalom, Robert

    • Wonderful!  That is how God works, He is real and alive and I just LOVE when He speaks to His children like that!  Happens to me all the time and we are blessed for such a wonderful prohetess Debra to allow Him to speak through her!  God Bless you. Lets let Him take us higher!

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