The Season of Change has come!


It is the season for those who hear Me; those who know Me and know My heart; those who talk to Me; who are intimate with Me, that they will awaken from the slumber that circumstances and situations of life have kept them in, so that they have become almost dull to the hearing of My voice.

Now they will awaken, says the LORD.  I AM stirring up the watchmen, and they are alert to My call and they recognize that this season is upon them.  The season of change has come, for I have hearkened to the voices of My children who have cried out for restoration, who have cried out for a revival, who have cried out for an awakening and I AM hearkening to their voice says the LORD.

I AM stirring up, and I AM calling from every corner of this earth, every avenue of this earth, says the LORD.  I AM calling and calling forth those who are the heads, those who are the leaders, those who are the elders, those who have the watchmen, those who are called and appointed by Me to come back, come back to their first love, those who have deserted their position, their calling to come back.

I AM making a way for those who have deserted their calling and the unctioning to once again come back.

I AM calling to the backsliders who once loved Me to come back.

I AM calling to minds of those who have stayed in My house, who have become cold and in-complacent, and not doing the things I have called them to do.

I AM calling them back, back to their first love, back to the fire that stirred in their hearts.

I AM calling My people once again to come and cry out on the behalf of a lost world that is dying without the light and I AM saying to you, brighten up, lighten up and allow the glory of the LORD, to be seen through you and in you.

I AM calling forth my anointed ones to stand erect and to begin to cry, cry, cry, yes, cry between the porch and the altar.  Cry, and wail aloud, says the LORD, and cry again on the behalf of a nation who has lost it’s Pillar.

Wail on the behalf of My church that has become complacent, who have loved the world too much, that they do not even know that they are lost now.  So I AM saying to you, cry aloud on their behalf so that those who are Mine, that call themselves by My name, would once again recognize that I AM the lover of their soul and I AM calling them to holiness, righteousness, and purity, to stand upright, to be upright, and to do right so that many might see My glory and come in this last end gathering of the souls.

For this is your position and your stand.  Stand erect, stand powerfully and stand loudly and declare that the LORD is coming and be not afraid of men’s faces nor the things that they would say for I will cause you to stand even in the midst of persecution, and there will be many suddenlies coming upon this world. Suddenlies for good, suddenlies for those disasters, suddenlies for judgement, but know this, I have hearkened to your cry.

For years you have cried out, for years you have had My ear and you have had My attention and know I AM listening and now I AM hearkening to your cry and there will be many “suddenlies” in your life for good.

Yes, because you have sought My face, know that I AM merciful and gracious to you.  So allow those “suddenlies” to turn for your good, but because the world has turned it’s back on Me and loved other gods, there will be suddenlies for judgements.

They will come and it will be swift and I will be merciful, because you have stood in the gap and interceded on their behalf.  So I say to you, do not give up, do not let your hands grow weary, do not get weary in well doing for I have heard and I have hearkened to your prayer and to your cry.

Suddenlies are coming says the LORD.  Suddenlies are upon you says the LORD. Suddenlies are here, says the Spirit of Grace.

“I have posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the LORD, give yourselves no rest,”   Isaiah 62:6.

“Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution,”   2 Timothy 3:12.

“For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting. And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not,”   Galatians 6:8-9.


~ Debra Lowe

Pastor Debra LowePastor Debra Lowe has served the LORD for 39 years as a Prophet to the nation.  She also walks in the office of teacher and is an intercessor using these gifts to minister to the body of Christ, teaching men, women and children to enter into His presence causing them to mature and be changed by His Word.  As a servant of the Most High God she brings forth a word in due season to the body of Christ.

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The Season of Change has come! — 3 Comments

  1. Praise Yahweh, Thank You Lord for your Grace and Mercy, The Crucible of The Cross;
    I Pastor Deborah, have been befuddled, and worn down to simply nothing,crushed and broken for weeks,and months. (9months) Most recently I’ve
    been in an excruciating “Labor and Delivery” stage and in need of direction. At the park,_
    After meditating in The Word, Psalms 30, Prayerfully walking,.At Approx.11:10 Central time, here in N.W. AR, I stood quietly, and spoke, declared what i heard in my spirit, “I AM Bringing you Back.”
    I was then directed to open,.and read your Prophecy about an half hour later. Hallelujah! Thanks for the Encouraging Word, and confirmation! May Many Blessings abound towards you-Sis.Deborah!,
    Plzz be praying for me as The Holy Spirit Directs, as i step out in faith, while looking for more precise directives! Preparation, My faith, wrought with my works.
    Thank You, Shalom, Robert

    • Wonderful!  That is how God works, He is real and alive and I just LOVE when He speaks to His children like that!  Happens to me all the time and we are blessed for such a wonderful prohetess Debra to allow Him to speak through her!  God Bless you. Lets let Him take us higher!