The Season of Transition

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The Season of Transition

The season of transition; is a testing time!

Many are in a season of transition in this hour.  Personally I can testify that the season of transition can be an extremely difficult, frustrating and testing time.

There is often a deep sense of discomfort, disruption and disillusionment.  Many areas in our lives suddenly experience unexpected and unprecedented changes.  Often we can feel unequipped and powerless in the midst of it all.

I believe that its in these unpredictable moments that God teaches us to trust and obey him, our dreams and visions are put to the test, our true heart motives are revealed through the fires of trial and tribulation.

While going through a season of transition we must guard our hearts from becoming weary and worn out.  We must choose to fix our focus on His faithfulness.  We must choose to align our lives with his promises and his purposes.

As we do this, the new doors of opportunity that God has prepared for us, will be made manifest!

A New Level of Faith

A new level of faith and expectation is refueling the faint hearted.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen”!   Hebrews 11:1.

I believe in this hour, the spirit of deception has caused many to become desensitised, deaf, disillusioned and desperate.  Hearts have become distant and deeply discouraged.

The only sounds that many can hear are the sounds of hopelessness, doubt, disappointment, discouragement, despair and even death.

But I hear the Spirit of the LORD say, “My beloved, even in this hour I AM breathing into you a new level of faith and expectation.

I AM awakening you to divine purpose and kingdom destiny.  I AM moving you from this place of isolation and despair.

I AM turning and reversing every situation and circumstance in your life that has looked irreversible and beyond repair.  Have I not said, I AM the great redeemer and the compassionate restorer?

For truly I tell you, My arm is not too short to save, even now it is outstretched towards you in this hour to lift you, to deliver you and to save you from the violent waves that have surrounded and overwhelmed you.

Listen!  For now I call unto you to come to me.  I call you to step out upon the waters, fear not!

But arise oh you mighty warrior, rise up in My strength and power from among the dying and the dead, for I AM the Messiah who will now illuminate, ignite and empower you in this hour.”


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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The Season of Transition — 1 Comment

  1. May the Lord bless you, sister Veronika, for this post! Right now, it feels like there is a vacuum, an emptiness, if you will, and there is such an incredible peace within! I am extremely grateful to our Heavenly Father for helping us understand, and that we are to keep our eyes fixed on Him!  Blessings!