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  1. Very powerful word. This is definitely the Most High God speaking to my life and my current circumstances. I mean the timing is just perfect! its not late, and its not over yet, its just the perfect timing of God. I am waiting on my deliverance from some very “Complex” issues, of control and almost what is like Witchcraft and divination from a Church I was involved in. The deliverance I am waiting for is that they have inflicted great damage with their lies, and caused great harm to my Spiritual life. They have oppressed me, and controlled me in ways that its not right. The damage is done, but I am waiting on God’s time for his justice. They want to cling to me and harvest where I suffered, and worked, and meanwhile they did nothing themselves, not as a Christian family (Head Pastor and Wife) or as a Church. God’s timing is perfect. Like Mrs. Celeste Dewey Prophecy says “where are you headed?” and it says

    “Has the LORD given you specific instructions?… Then stick to them, no matter what… no compromise.  Don’t weaken your principles and expose yourself to danger”

    NO COMPROMISE IS exactly the words the Lord gave me as he prepared me before the dry season through his word!

    These people I speak of have obeyed men over God, thinking they would receive the same blessing. But what Men Gave them, the Lord is going to take away from them. All in the right time, God’s time.

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