The Spirit Of The Lord, Is Upon Me


We are not going to get anywhere, on our own; not in the Kingdom of God.  All of the polish, the crafted presentation, the yelling in the microphone, the pacing back and forth across the platform, dressing to the rule, declaring what we think is or is not, will not get us there.

I want to shout, for just now, I remember down through the years, when the power of God would fall on someone.  What a sight that was.  What a real blessing; we all rejoiced and therefore, it fell greatly upon us also.

There are so many references in His Word where the Spirit of the Lord fell on people.  Isaiah spoke about it.  Jesus also quoted it in Luke 4.  And the Spirit of the Lord came upon him; Othniel, Caleb’s nephew in Judges 3.  And the Spirit of the Lord fell upon me, in Ezekiel 11. When the genuine power of God, fell upon someone or even on the entire house, it was far different than what we see in many places today.  Why, the Holy Ghost would sweep the organ player right off the bench, and they had church all on their own.  Oh my Lord.  I could dance right now, just thinking about it all.

The Spirit of the Lord, is supposed to be upon us.  When that truly happens, something supernatural is about to happen.  To this day, I cannot understand why some would settle for a substitute of that; especially, when you know full well what the difference is.  One thing is sure, that Spirit will not fall upon us, if we are not seeking to follow His leading; going in the direction He wants to go.  I fully believe, that the Holy Ghost is going to begin falling on people, in places no one expected.  Right in the grocery store, or the parking lot, in the schools, right on the street corner.  The power of God is going to fall, and those who desire it, just cannot help but respond.

I sense it.  And I have visions of it. I shared some time back, that I had a vision of the Spirit falling in an airport waiting area, and a genuine message in tongues came forth, and another interpreted it.  The entire place came to a full stop.  Are people here aware, that there was a time, we could not control ourselves when the power of God fell on us.  And we didn’t want to.  All of these programs, this pageantry with all the lights and the best of the best, all having a microphone, is a far cry from the real thing.  People were slain in the Spirit; and nobody had to be behind them to catch them.

This cannot be programmed; and it cannot be duplicated either.  I tell you, that there is nothing that can compare, with the Holy Ghost moving in a wave across the place.  The difference is even palpable; the depth is far more moving, a complete saturation of the awesome presence of God.  It cannot be contained, and it can’t be controlled.  That Spirit, should be falling in our homes too.  That is something, I feel is greatly missing in the places we live now.  I tell you, the Holy Ghost is not going to compete with our games, our movies, our cell phones or what we watch on this box here.

Something happened to me recently, right here at home.  I was in a low place and I felt weighted down.  Something moved me to just start singing choruses, that were all about Jesus.  No music, no piano, just me.  I just stood in the living room, and sung about Him.  Suddenly, I could see myself, slowly walking down the street that surrounds our community; just singing from the depths of my soul.  Oh, how I love Jesus. Jesus, you are everything to me.  Jesus is the sweetest name I know.  Jesus, Jesus, you know what’s best for me.  From the depths of me, came that which cannot be denied.  So many people need Him.

Fall on me, precious Holy Spirit of God.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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