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The Start of Sweet and Deep Revelation — 3 Comments

  1. That part that says “Stand strong for what you believe but be careful to not be too harsh and let your zeal for the truth overpower and wound others. Remember that you yourself need time to process changes” is A Word To Me In The Lord.
    We Will Live With All In Peace And Wisdom even As Our Father In Heaven Lives With Us Patiently.
    The Glory of God Will Fill The Whole Earth.
    More Grace faithful One.

  2. When I wonder about how something is supposed to be, I look at Genesis with the account of Creation and shortly after. In the account of Adam and Eve’s punishment, Adam had to fight the weeds (get little return for his work effort) and Eve would have pain in childbirth, which we’ve all heard, but there are 2 other parts to Eve’s punishment. Her desire would be for her husband (her whole world would be for him), and he would have the rule over her. So they were originally made equal. Of course, we are only experiencing Jesus’ redemption in part on this Earth, but I believe we can discover and know, the complimentary and equal partnership that God originally made marriage. I read that the word ” helper” is every other time used for God, who is not our assistant, but is Someone who is able to do what we can not do, and is sought for help in those things. Also, I read that “head” means “source ” , God is the source of man, and man was the source of woman (she was made from His rib). I think the main passage of the Bible that was always confusing for me was the one in 1 Timothy . I found this article about the 1 Timothy passage. It’s very amazing how different something can look when you see its context!  https://juniaproject.com/1-timothy-pauls-language-original-context/
    It’s exciting to see the many things that God is doing, including the part that He has for women to fill. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Thanks so much Doug. Such a spot on truth. I have been seeing that happen all around me. Easy flowing revelation from people that never have been in a flow of the revelatory. Thanks for this very beautiful strong confirmation. Sandi Holman

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